Solar thermal systems

When most of us think of solar power, we think about sunlight being converted to electricity, which is then used to power various applications. However, for thousands of years, the power of the sun was understood quite differently. Everybody knows from the example of the sun and magnifying glass that the oldest way the sun […]

Solar light fixtures

Solar light fixtures have been designed and manufactured for individuals who love their yards. Solar light fixtures add another dimension of beauty when it comes to relaxing outside. If you have spent a lot of money on your landscape and want to prolong your enjoyment of your time spent in your yard, add a solar […]

Solar car battery charger

Pretty much every driver knows that a dead battery can be a huge hassle. In the best case scenario, the car doesn’t start, but there’s somebody helpful and friendly enough to help jump start it. In the worst case scenario, there is nobody around, and you’re on a timeline that the dead battery has completely […]

Solar powered air conditioning systems

Having the notions that air conditioning systems are difficult to work with and cost too much to have running are not entirely true. With newer efficient systems for homes and businesses, you can get a large amount of cooling power for a small amount of energy. Most of these systems use the evaporative cooling method […]

Solar water distillers

Spending a fortune on bottled drinking water can get frustrating and it is a burden carting all those bottles home from the store every week. There is a way that you can distill and purify your own drinking water and do away with buying bottles of water forever. A solar water distiller can produce all […]

Home solar panels cost

If you are thinking about solar energy, you should know that home solar panels will save you tons of money on your electrical bill every month of the year. Home solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and are made out of photovoltaic cells also known as modules. The sunlight that is converted into electricity by […]

Photovoltaic paint

Every year, billions of dollars are poured into developing new technologies and developments within the solar power industry. Despite this huge amount of money, time and energy put into developing solar energy, new ways of generating that energy are actually somewhat rare. Photovoltaic paint (or solar paint) is one of those products, and it’s one […]

Indoor solar lights

If you’ve ever seen something glow in the dark, then you understand the basic concept behind indoor solar lights. You set them up in an area where they’ll receive a good amount of sunlight, and they store that power for the night time. Solar lights are extremely easy to use and efficient. If you’re looking […]

High efficiency solar cells

New solar technologies are replacing conventional silicone solar cells with new high efficiency solar cells. Innovative new photovoltaic designs like dye sensitized solar cells, thin film cells and triple junction cells are being produced. It is hoped that by the year 2020 the cost of this source of renewable power will be competitive with fossil […]

Automotive solar battery charger

An automotive solar battery charger can recharge your car battery by using the power of the sun. These batteries are becoming very popular since everyone has become concerned about the high cost of energy and finding ways to save the environment. Interest in solar energy power continues to grow because it is a renewable and […]

12v solar panels

When solar panels first came out they were really large and used only in solar power plants. As technology advanced, the sizes of solar panels were reduced so that they could be installed on the rooftops of homes to generate and store hot water. Now, many years later, they are able to store energy for […]

Solar space heating

When heating a home, it can be difficult to choose options which will not consume your paycheck during the winter months. Fortunately enough, there are now solar powered options which use energy captured by the sun to help create the appropriate temperatures you need for your home while providing you with a low cost and […]

Solar powered flashlights

As our usage of solar power continues to grow, we are continuing to find new ways to apply it to our everyday lives. Solar powered flashlights are just one of ways in which we’ve learned to use solar power productively. Solar flashlights are a good alternative to a regular flashlight, especially if you use a […]

Multijunction solar cells

Single layer solar cells are not very efficient and are not an optimal option for solar cells. This is mostly due to the fact that they are not capable of converting all light into electricity. Without going into too much detail, a single layer solar cell is only capable of converting light which more energy […]

Evergreen solar panels

As solar energy is becoming a major consideration for architects to incorporate when they design new homes and buildings, solar energy companies have been working furiously to keep up with the demand for solar panels. New technology for these panels is coming out all the time. Evergreen Solar Company has been keeping up with the […]