12v solar panels

When solar panels first came out they were really large and used only in solar power plants. As technology advanced, the sizes of solar panels were reduced so that they could be installed on the rooftops of homes to generate and store hot water. Now, many years later, they are able to store energy for the home owner, traveler or boater. Nowadays we have several small to even tiny sized solar panels and these solar panels are being used in such electrical devices as pocket calculators and to charge up cell phones. Small solar panels are portable and can be taken anywhere you want or need electrical power or battery recharging. You can see them in car window sometimes as they are charging up the car battery.

12v solar panel cells are really semiconductors that are made using photovoltaic materials. Photovoltaic (PV) is the technical terminology that is related to the solar energy and the conversion of the suns ultra-violet rays into electrical energy. They do not have fluids or chemicals in them and they do not have any moving parts. Solar panel cells simply convert the sunlight they receive into stored energy with the help of an inverter. You can take a portable solar panel with you when you travel to places that will not have electricity and use them to operate your electrical devices such as your lap top, cell phone or appliances in a camper van or trailer. Some people take them out on their boats to supply the electricity they may need out on the water.

A 12v solar panel can store energy from the battery so that it can be used at night when there is no sunlight available. You can use a 12v solar panel with various electrical appliances. They are a convenient power supply for charging mobile phones, personal stereos, PDAs and toys, etc. Some can be used for trickle charging 12 volt batteries by using the power of the sun and no need for an electrical outlet.

There have been several companies that have made the 12v solar panel available to the public for personal use. Some of them can be used anywhere in the world and are famous for their name brand and performance. Uni-Solar is one such company that makes a good 12v solar panel that you can rely on, even in remote places. This company has sold many such solar panels to the military for use out in the field.

The least expensive 12v solar panel that Uni-Solar makes is the ‘UNI-PAC 10’. This 12v solar panel chan be folded down to 254mm in length and 139mm in width, with a depth of 51 mm. The ‘UNI-PAC 10′ offers dual voltage charging for 12v and 24v.

Uni-Solar also makes the ‘UNI-PAC 15’ and the ‘UNI-PAC 34’ solar panel systems. Both can be folded down like the ‘UNI-PAC 10’ for easy portability. The only difference in measurement is that the ‘UNI-PAC 15” is 27 mm slimmer and 18 mm shorter. You can simply fold these up and take them with you and place them in the sun at your destination so the solar panels can stay charged up and be ready for use when you need power in remote places. A UNI-PAC 12v solar panel charger uses innovative United Solar Systems Corp. Triple Junction Technology. This solar panel charger is rugged and can be dropped or stepped on and still be able to provide power. It will charge up a laptop in the middle of the desert for you if you need it to. The time it takes to charge up a laptop or car battery using a 12v solar panel will vary depending on the brand and model that you purchase.

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    Convenient portable solar chargers can be an amazing support for those who find themselves constantly mobile and still in need of their devices. I’ve seen things like this on people’s backpacks and as part of boom-box or laptop shaped systems for charging large devices. I know Radio Shack has started to carry a wider range of devices for just this sort of thing.

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