Automotive solar battery charger

An automotive solar battery charger can recharge your car battery by using the power of the sun. These batteries are becoming very popular since everyone has become concerned about the high cost of energy and finding ways to save the environment. Interest in solar energy power continues to grow because it is a renewable and clean source of energy..

Car batteries contain a limited energy and they supply that energy to the direct current to the automobile’s circuit. Once that energy is used up, you must recharge the battery or purchase an expensive replacement. Our landfills are filled with old batteries that leak out acid and other toxic chemicals. You can help save the environment if you use an automotive solar battery charger to recharge your old battery rather than just tossing it out in the garbage with it loses its original charge.

A six volt car battery has 6 cells that are 2.1 volts each. Some car batteries are 12 volt batteries. Any loss of power in an automobile battery will make a huge difference the car’s starting and running efficiency.

New solar energy technology has made it possible for you to recharge your regular car battery with an automotive solar battery charger. These solar battery chargers can save a lot of acid batteries from being tossed into landfills since they can be easily recharge batteries with the power from the sun. An automobile solar battery charger can charge up other electrical devices like the batteries in cell phones, PDAs, laptops, mp3 players and digital cameras.

When sunlight shines on a solar panel, its photons are absorbed into a semi-conductor panel like silicon. Electrons, which are a negative charge, pass through the semi-conductor and produces electricity. The electrons move in a single direction because of the special material the solar cells are composed of. A complementary positive charge is also created and these positive charges flow opposite of the electrons that are producing the negative charge in the silicon panel. A usable amount of direct current electricity can be created by an array of solar panels. The solar panel is typically placed on the surface of the car or in the window that faces the sun.

All you have to do is connect the positive solar cell terminal to a positive terminal on the battery and let the battery charger recharge the car battery by using the solar energy that the solar battery charger has captured and produced into a direct current. There is no need for the battery charger to be connected to power outlets. This is the strong point of the automotive solar battery charger. You can be out in the middle of nowhere and if your car battery loses its charge, your solar battery charger can recharge it for you just by using the sun’s energy. People who travel a lot find that taking a solar automobile battery charger with them can be a life saver in certain instances. It is always good to have a solar battery charger with you in cases of emergencies when you cannot afford to be stranded by a dead car battery.

When you connect an automotive solar battery charger to your car’s battery, you can use a voltmeter to watch the voltage increase. When it approaches 14 volts, the batter will be fully charged back up again. Many people will connect a solar battery charger to their car or motorcycle when they are storing these vehicles for any length of time. This will keep the batteries from losing their charge due to non use, but the charger must be exposed to sunlight. You can find different types of automotive solar battery chargers online.

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