Solar energy facts

Residential solar energy systems

There is definitely a major difference between residential solar energy systems and passive solar energy systems but most people do not know what makes these two systems so different. The type of solar energy system that works for your situation will depend on what type of set up you have and where the system will […]

Solar energy systems

Solar energy systems have become synonymous with the effort to build a cleaner, “greener” environment, and with good reason. Solar power is, for practical purposes, a limitless resource, and for that reason, billions of dollars are spent every year to improve our ability to harness the energy it provides. We are still just beginning to […]

Solar energy companies

As the market for solar energy continues to grow, a multitude of companies strive to develop new and innovated ways not only to harness solar energy, but to turn that energy into a workable product that people can use in their everyday lives. Here is an overview of some of the biggest and best solar […]

How does solar energy generate electricity

The Earth’s power supply is dwindling and becoming more expensive conditions repeatedly remind us of the need to become energy independent. Environmental concerns are on the rise, and governments at all levels are funding research and incentives for citizens to turn to solar power. It is for all these reasons and more consumers should take […]

How does solar energy work

People often ask the question of how does solar energy work but they really aren’t asking the correct question. Solar energy is simply the light and heat given off by the sun. Only about half of the actual energy produced by the sun makes it to earth; the other half is reflected back into space […]

Solar power vs. Conventional electricity generation

Recently there have been a number of controversies around the world regarding the condition of the Earth. The issue of global warming has led to debates regarding two alternate sources of energy — solar power and conventional electricity generation. There is definitely good reason to rethink our lifestyles and be concerned with the global effects […]

Solar energy: Advantages and limitations

Solar energy is power derived from the rays of the sun. It is considered to be one, if not the most, environmentally friendly source of energy that can be used on earth. Studies up to this point in time, indeed, show that generating power or heat using solar energy does not produce the same environmental […]

Passive solar energy for home heating

The use of passive solar has gained enormous fame as a result of its practicality. This inexpensive method of heating homes is free forever once the initial investment is made into producing the system. It is no wonder this method is so popular. The use of passive solar in homes within cold regions is effective […]

Renewable energy

Consumers who are concerned with the rapid eradication of natural resources and the amount of pollution created when gas and electricity are used to produce energy can be thankful that renewable energy is now being used on a more widespread scale. From residential to use to mass industrial use, renewable energy is seriously being looked […]

Solar home plans

Making use of solar energy is become more popular as people realize the enormous benefits of this clean energy. Some people have turned to solar lighting on their patios and walkways, while others are using solar heating for their homes and businesses. Others are choosing to build their homes around the use of solar energy. […]

Residential solar energy

As natural resources continue to disappear and the impact of energy production on the environment becomes clearer, environmental and health concerns increase. Current energy production methods are wasteful and can result in pollution of the air, soil, and water. Dangerous gases can damage the ozone layer protecting the earth from damage. Traditional energy production methods […]

Solar energy storage

Solar energy is the best alternative in lieu of the existing system of electricity discharge. Solar panels made with materials for absorbing the energy of the sun are used to help convert the light into electricity. Along with the generation of solar energy the storage is equally necessary for later use. For the solar power […]

Applications of solar energy

Because traditional energy production methods create environmental and health concerns, it is beneficial for lawmakers and scientists to investigate methods of energy production that are cleaner and more cost-effective. Solar energy has been found to be a very clean type of energy that can reduce pollution and also reduce the costs of energy in homes […]

Facts about solar energy

The sun is the source all of solar energy on Earth. It takes over eight minutes for sunlight to travel 93 million miles to Earth but once it arrives about one third is reflected back into space. The Earth absorbs the remaining two thirds, about four kilowatts every day for every square meter, enough energy […]

Solar power: a promising renewable energy source

The two main types of solar renewable energy are electricity and heat. Solar cells use the photoelectric effect to convert sunlight directly into electricity. Solar collectors absorb sunlight and use its thermal energy to heat a fluid. There are many advantages to using solar renewable energy, including its free and limitless supply, but also a […]