Solar panels & photovoltaic cells

Home solar panels cost

If you are thinking about solar energy, you should know that home solar panels will save you tons of money on your electrical bill every month of the year. Home solar panels convert sunlight into electricity and are made out of photovoltaic cells also known as modules. The sunlight that is converted into electricity by […]

Photovoltaic paint

Every year, billions of dollars are poured into developing new technologies and developments within the solar power industry. Despite this huge amount of money, time and energy put into developing solar energy, new ways of generating that energy are actually somewhat rare. Photovoltaic paint (or solar paint) is one of those products, and it’s one […]

High efficiency solar cells

New solar technologies are replacing conventional silicone solar cells with new high efficiency solar cells. Innovative new photovoltaic designs like dye sensitized solar cells, thin film cells and triple junction cells are being produced. It is hoped that by the year 2020 the cost of this source of renewable power will be competitive with fossil […]

12v solar panels

When solar panels first came out they were really large and used only in solar power plants. As technology advanced, the sizes of solar panels were reduced so that they could be installed on the rooftops of homes to generate and store hot water. Now, many years later, they are able to store energy for […]

Multijunction solar cells

Single layer solar cells are not very efficient and are not an optimal option for solar cells. This is mostly due to the fact that they are not capable of converting all light into electricity. Without going into too much detail, a single layer solar cell is only capable of converting light which more energy […]

Evergreen solar panels

As solar energy is becoming a major consideration for architects to incorporate when they design new homes and buildings, solar energy companies have been working furiously to keep up with the demand for solar panels. New technology for these panels is coming out all the time. Evergreen Solar Company has been keeping up with the […]

Thin film solar panels

Thin-film solar panels are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They’re regular solar panels that have solar cells made of a different, thinner material than usual. This new technology is more energy and cost efficient than regular solar panels. Thin-film solar panels are a very new development that hasn’t established a great presence in […]

How solar cells work

Solar cells are the heart of any solar energy system. They are the actual device that converts sunlight into electricity. The production of solar cells has been in constant expansion over the past 30 years, and continues to make up and ever-increasing percentage of the world’s energy supply. Solar cells have been in existence for […]

High power solar panels

Some solar panels are designed with a high efficiency but this is not always the case. Usually it is the expensive solar panels (typically made with multijunction solar cells) that are very efficient. If you research any affordable solar panel (like one made with crystalline silicon solar cells) you will find out that the efficiency […]

Crystalline silicon solar cells

Most solar panels you will find will likely consist of crystalline silicon solar cells. While these solar panels will be convenient and effective enough to be a worthwhile investment there are still some downsides to these solar cells. It is not necessarily said that crystalline silicon solar cells are terrible but rather the alternative is […]

Concentrator PV systems

You can benefit greatly from using concentrator PV systems. The main reason why these are so beneficial is that the concentrators will allow for you to have a decrease of solar cell materials in the PV system. When setting up a PV system the most expensive part will be the PV cells so minimizing on […]

Flat plate solar collector

When most people think about collecting solar energy, they think about the traditional solar panel. This is one way to collect solar power, and certainly has become the most popular. The function of a solar panel is to turn sunlight into electricity we can use. We have known for thousands of years that sunlight can […]

100 watt solar panels

When investing in solar panels its best not to just randomly pick one to buy at a store. It may be difficult to find enough information on solar panels without doing a lot of research but it is really worth it to know exactly what to look for so you make the best investment possible. […]

Photovoltaic cells efficiency

The efficiency of photovoltaic cells can be very tricky to figure out and many of the companies that produce them take different routes when manufacturing their products. One of the most important things in the photovoltaic cell manufacturing process is the actual process in which they are produced. Different companies will use different materials and […]

Solar vacuum tubes

One of the large concerns of several different home owners is the fact that they are unable to get adequate water heating at an affordable and resource conserving source. There is one way to heat up large amounts of water by using solar energy to do the work for you. This helps to conserve fuels […]