Solar panels & photovoltaic cells

Mini solar panels

Mini solar panels have many different uses in today’s technological fields and can provide you with many great options for solar powered devices. They are excellent for providing power in the most remote of areas providing that there is a source of adequate sunlight. Fortunately there are many great applications which can be used to […]

Solar energy collector

Solar Energy is a renewable clean energy. All you need to produce electricity or heat is the inexhaustible supply of sunlight. A solar energy collector, also known as a solar panel, collects the solar energy from the sun and heat. A single solar energy collector can extract energy from the sun into a usable and […]

Flat-plate solar collector

A common solar hot water panel that is used to generate hot water heated by the sun is the flat-plate solar collector. This type of technology is mainly used for residential homes to supply hot water at an affordable price to the homeowner. Anywhere there is a high demand for hot water, such as a […]

Solar roof tiles

If you are a homeowner and you are tired of growing electricity bills, you may want to consider installing solar roof tiles. If you plan the process in the right way, you can even receive reimbursements from the government and /or produce enough power to sell some back to your utility company. The best part […]

Schott solar panels

Homeowners and business owners alike are thinking about ways to adapt with energy increasingly being in demand. Schott solar panels are a viable option for any person, in part because there are incentives out there to help fund the purchase of these highly advanced devices. In addition, the Schott solar panels are simply easy to […]

How much do solar panels cost

With so much talk about solar power these days, you may be asking yourself if solar power is for you. This will depend on many factors, including whether you can afford it, and how much it will help you in the long run. Depending on several factors, solar panels can cost a few bucks per […]

Homemade solar cells

Solar cells take energy from the sun and convert it into power; several solar cells put together can be used to make solar modules, which in turn can be assembled to make solar panels. Solar cells are most recognized by the devices used to power calculators, but we can actually make these in our homes. […]

Solar panel cost

Anyone thinking of putting in a home solar system will be concerned with their solar panel cost. Purchasing these panels can be enormously expensive. Adding to the solar panel cost concerns will be how much the whole system will cost including installation fees. Many people cannot afford to justify this upfront price so they will […]

Solar energy panels

With the rising scientific concern that has surfaced about the concerns for global warming, more and more people are looking for a viable energy alternative to help them live a greener life. Not to mention the fact that the more energy you conserve the more money you will be able to save on your utilities […]

Thin film solar power shingles

When you think of home solar power, are you picturing big PV panels mounted on the roof? That’s what most people think of and then shudder at how their house would look. It doesn’t have to be that way, however. As interest has risen in home solar options, new technologies have been developed that not […]

Solar electric panels

A solar panel, also known as a PV panel, is a set of silicon cells that produce electricity when interacting with light. There is a variety of different kinds of cells, depending on how the PV material is distributed on the device, their size, etc. They will vary in price for this reason. When purchasing […]

Solar roof shingles

Solar roof shingles are small photovoltaic panels that are used in place of regular shingles to provide free electricity. They are popular with homeowners who want to maintain the appearance of their homes while gaining the benefits of solar power. The notorious “blue wall” effect created by large solar panels is certainly unattractive, and it’s […]

Solar panels

Solar panels can be used to exploit solar energy that, when absorbed, can be an efficient source of energy for electricity and heating. In addition, the power that is produced by solar panels can be used for many other things. The last time when solar panels were considered to be extremely efficient was in the […]

Solar power panels: photovoltaic modules at work

Many people wonder what is PV solar power? People have often heard about it, but are uncertain of the meaning. Although solar power may be familiar to them, many do not have the slightest conception of PV solar power and what makes it so different. PV solar power is the root of the sun’s power. […]

Solar collector tube

Many people are trying to become environmentally friendly with their energy usage so that they can do their part to help out with the effects of greenhouse gasses and global warming. When someone decides to do this, there is also the added bonus of having reduced payments sent in to the large energy corporations. However, […]