Solar power systems

Wind power generators

With concerns about global warming, climate change and dependency on foreign oil, many people these days are beginning to search for alternative energy sources. This is even gaining more interests as people are experiencing the down turn of the world’s economy. It just makes sense to look for better and less expensive ways to generate […]

Laptop solar power kit

These days it’s all about solar power, and it’s not just houses and cars that can be powered but the sun. Think small: even laptops, which require about 15 to 30 watts of energy, can be powered by the sun. Solar power kits can be made or purchased, and the reason to go this route […]

Solar battery

While the environment becomes more and more of an issue and scientists around the globe warn of the impending dangers of global warming on our way of life, you may be wondering what you can do to make a difference in this progression. One thing that you might consider is the implementation of solar energy […]

Solar panel voltage regulator

An intrinsic component to any solar power electrical system is that of a solar panel voltage regulator. Such a regulator is a vital necessity to prevent the solar panels from overcharging your storage batteries. A solar panel voltage regulator will keep your batteries in a safe operating range. It should perform two functions: Protect your […]

How to build a windmill

There are many people trying to use more natural, renewable energy sources in order to help out with the global warming situation, as well as reducing the amount of money they pay each month to the utility companies. Some of these people have turned to windmill energy to accomplish this feat. When you think windmills, […]

Universal hybrid solar charger

Have you ever been on the go at a hectic pace, only to find halfway through the day that your cell phone is going dead and you are nowhere near a charger, or even maybe an electrical outlet? If so, then you should look into the possibility of getting yourself a universal hybrid solar charger. […]

Off-grid solar power system

With the increase in concern over the amount of carbon and pollutants in the air and the effects of global warming that are appearing in news reports recently, more and more people are looking for a way to step outside of the traditional box and link up with solar power. This is because solar power […]

Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the need for people to try and convert over to renewable energy sources so that the environment can work to heal itself from all of the carbon dioxide and other pollutants that have been put into the atmosphere. One of the easiest and most […]

Wind and solar power system

There has been much attention focused on the environment and what we can do to manage our energy needs in a more efficient manner that will work with the natural elements in order to provide us with clean, renewable energy. A way in which people have been harnessing these natural energy sources is through a […]

Portable solar power charger

If you are among those who are trying to go environmentally “green” through your energy consumption and electronics usage, then you might be interested in using a portable solar power charger in order to take the full advantage of the best renewable energy source today, the sun. The problem has always been that it is […]

Solar power equipment

For many years people depended on the energy that was supplied to them without worrying about where it was coming from or what it was doing to the environment. However, in recent years this has become less and less true as people have started to realize that the damaging effects of global warming and how […]

Solar and wind power for residential use

In recent years, technology has started to truly increase when it comes to the efficiency of renewable energy sources, making them even more accessible to people who are looking to try and break away from the traditional forms of energy that the utility companies rely on. There are many reasons why solar and wind power […]

Solar panel charge controller

If you are using solar powered energy to charge batteries and appliances, then chances are you need a solar panel charge controller. Anytime that you hook up an item to a solar charger then you run the risk of inputting too many volts and therefore causing damage to the system or the batteries. This is […]

Wind turbine power system

If you have the land, and maybe live in an area of the plains that has an abundance of wind, then using wind turbine power to supply your energy needs is something that might be a feasible option. In fact, a lot of the large power companies are starting to set up wind turbine power […]

Solar power plant

A solar power plant is not the best way to harness solar energy for everyday use but as technology increases, they may be the wave of the future. The solar collectors take up too much space in comparison to the amount of electricity generated to make them feasible as a complete replacement for traditional power […]