Solar powered products

Solar security light

Everyone has those areas of their home that just do not feel safely illuminated at night. One of the reasons that these areas exist is because there is no appropriate power source in the area for them to set up a good security lighting system. If this is the case with your home, then you […]

Solar attic fan

Solar energy is becoming a more viable option for a lot of people who are looking to divert rising energy costs and to help become more environmentally friendly by making all of their appliances as energy efficient as possible. One of the items that people are starting to use more and more is the solar […]

Solar fountain

One of the most beautiful ways to create a peaceful, calming environment in your home or garden is to add a fountain to your favorite space. Fountains come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, from small desktop fountains to large garden fountains that have large sprays of water. The right fountain can […]

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights are the perfect solution to your outdoor lighting needs. There are two main considerations when choosing lighting for your outdoor spaces. The first is safety – you wouldn’t want anyone tripping on the path to your house or through your garden. The second consideration would be using garden lights as decorative accents. […]

Solar lighting

Solar energy has many commercial, industrial, and residential uses. This type of energy can be used for heating, cooling, mechanical propulsion, and providing power for equipment and machines. Solar energy can also be used to provide light for home and business use. Solar lighting comes in many forms and can be an economical way to […]

Solar electronic kits

Over the years harnessing the sun’s energy for the purpose of restoring the natural resources to maintain the ecological balance has come a long way from just heating water to many other applications. Now the use of solar energy has spread into our homes for cooking purposes and entertainment too. There is yet constant efforts […]

Solar powered homes

Solar powered homes used to be thought of as part of alternative lifestyles only for hippies and hardcore environmentalists. That is no longer the case as solar power technologies have become more mainstream and affordable. With soaring energy costs and concerns over the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, solar powered homes are becoming more […]

How do the solar powered cars work?

Majority of the people are tired of paying huge amounts for refueling their vehicles. With the usual gas rates skyrocketing as much as four dollars per gallon, individuals have started looking for various other alternatives to save money. One of the most anticipated alternatives is the solar powered car. The solar powered cars not only […]