Evergreen solar panels

As solar energy is becoming a major consideration for architects to incorporate when they design new homes and buildings, solar energy companies have been working furiously to keep up with the demand for solar panels. New technology for these panels is coming out all the time. Evergreen Solar Company has been keeping up with the latest solar technology called String Ribbon Wafer technology and have patented this technology. All Evergreen solar panels are made using this technology which is in step with the “Going Green” craze to save the environment these days. Their aim is to save money in the short term and the earth in the long term by conserving natural resources

Evergreen solar panels were developed and designed with the focus on producing environmentally friendly and renewable solar energy at affordable prices. Evergreen solar panels are used in very large solar installations around the world as well as gaining popularity with individual home owners and apartment building managers as a means to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. Evergreen solar panels are manufactured and installed in such a way as to be very unobtrusive and actually are ascetically pleasing to the environment. They are manufactured with environmentally friendly materials as much as is possible.

Evergreen Solar panels can supply the substantial proportion of the homeowner or business owner’s electricity needs. These panels are most often mounted on the roof of the home or business or installed on the ground. They are then connected to local power stations and if too much energy is produced, it will be directed back to the power company which buys it back from the home owner. Harnessing the power of the sun this way makes for clean, affordable electricity. This is the goal of Evergreen Solar panels. Evergreen solar panels are popular for commercial applications. Large power plants find them to be the most cost effective investment.

Their state of the art String Ribbon Wafer Technology used in their production is an innovative and better way to make solar panels. Evergreen solar panels are considered to be of the highest quality in by the solar industry. String Ribbon wafer technology is unique and has been used by Evergreen Solar since 1994. They come in 200, 210 and 205 watt models. Evergreen solar panels are a great choice for the homeowner or business owner in rural areas.

Improvements to Evergreen solar panels have been developed that improves their 200, 205 and 210 watt panels. This new line of Evergreen Solar panels is being called their ES-A line solar panels. They have received high rankings in recent TÜV and Photon performance tests.

The new ES-A series panels are black-framed and are identical to the former silver- framed solar panels that were previously sold by Evergreen Solar. As with their predecessors, these Evergreen solar panels still use silicon wafer technology in their production. They are installed the same way as Evergreen’s silver solar panels. The black frame is an improvement on the appearance of the solar system.

All of their solar panels use their trademark, Evergreen Solar® and String Ribbon™. These are official trademarks of Evergreen Solar panels. All of their panels are made with less polysilicon than any other solar panel technology can afford.

The new black-framed String Ribbon solar panels were introduced by the Evergreen Solar Company at the Solar Expo 2009 that was held in Verona, Italy in May 2009. This company’s solar panels are used throughout the world. They are leaders in the production of solar panels that provide environmentally clean electric power for residential and commercial use. You can find them online as well as many other retail outlets that sell Evergreen Solar panels.

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