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If you are sick and tired of paying huge electric bills, then perhaps you should consider going solar. Even if you are not convinced that you should purchase solar panels, there are some other ways to use the energy of the sun without installing a panel system. A solar panel is designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity or heat for your home. Nevertheless, it is not the only method that can help you to harness the energy of the sun. There are some other methods you can employ, and an experiment in your driveway can show you how.

Park you car in a place in your driveway where it will be exposed to direct sun rays. Then get in the car, close the vents and roll up the windows. You car will get rather warm very quickly, and you will experience the concept recognized as direct energy gain. The fact is that solar energy is even more effective to generate electricity and heating for your home if it is manipulated to hit the house in the right way. People have been aware of the direct energy gain from the sun for hundreds of years. Some civilizations developed a number of structures based on this concept long before electricity was discovered. We can learn from their experience.

First of all, you will need to concentrate on the south face of your house. If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then the south side of any building that surrounds you receives the most sunlight. If there are trees that prevent your house from being struck by direct sun rays, you will need to remove them; otherwise, your plan to get direct gain energy for heating will fail. You need to allow the sun the most direct way to get to the south face of your house. Once you have cleared the way to access the most direct sun rays, you need to look at the surface areas. Here, the situation is similar to that of the car. The sun must have a method for entering the exterior of the house. The greatest potential for this access is windows. If you have windows on the south side of your house, then how large are they?

To allow the maximum solar energy to heat your home, you should have large windows on the south side of your house. To boost the effect, you will need two more things: a fan system and the appropriate flooring. You need a fan system that will help you to bring the warm air to other parts of the house. Even though the difference in temperatures in different rooms will equalize eventually, some ceiling fans can be of great help.

In addition, the flooring in your home is also very important. Large windows are very helpful, but what happens when the sun sets? No more solar energy and no more heat. That is why you need to improve the flooring that is located below your windows. The carpet needs to be removed and replaced with materials such as ceramics and masonry that can hold significant amounts of heat. It works like this: the sun rays beat down on the flooring during the day, and produce heat. Then the sun goes down, and the heat that is stored in the flooring is released, thereby maximizing your passive solar system.

Certainly, this strategy would not be able to fully substitute for your traditional heating system. However, it can significantly cut costs by acting as a supplemental system to heat the home during the day. You can save a lot of money by following these tips.

Many people would love to have solar panel as the source of energy for their houses, but they simply cannot afford them. Equipping your house with solar panels, adaptors and other necessary systems to use most of your solar panels can cost you thousands of dollars. That is why refurbished solar panels can be a great solution to cut back on the costs of using solar energy and to add to the green aspect of your home, not only by harnessing solar energy, but by recycling as well.

You can purchase refurbished solar panels from many different online and land vendors. It does not matter if you choose to buy refurbished components from large businesses or surplus items; resellers can acquire solar panels and sell them to you. You can also choose between purchasing broken or partially working solar panels if you plan to build your solar system yourself, cell by cell. In addition, there are a number of online auctions where space is provided for hobbyists and other people who are interested in buying refurbished solar panels. There are also other resources such as newspapers that often contain ads for refurbished solar panels.

However, you there are a few things you need to remember when shopping for refurbished solar energy products. The cheapest are be those solar panels that are the oldest, for the simple reason that the latest solar panels are much smaller and take up less space. That is why they tend to cost more. Thus, you can get the greatest wattage per dollar if you buy the older refurbished solar energy products. In addition, you may also consider buying broken solar panels, as some of them require only a few small repairs – soldering, for example. However, solar panels with cracked glass or condensation under the glass are not worth buying as they most probably will not work. Even solar panels that are twenty years old can still be very effective if they are in great condition.

There is a large financial catch that comes with purchasing of refurbished solar panels. The Government offers huge tax incentives for those people who prefer to use solar energy, including thousands of dollars in tax credits and discounts. However, it is required almost everywhere that you purchase a brand new solar system. Otherwise, you will be ineligible for these incentives. For that reason, you should consider all the pros and cons, and calculate the potential savings before you buy refurbished solar panels.

The whole world will benefit if you buy a solar system. If you choose to buy the refurbished solar panels, you will also help to recycle. That is why both financial benefits and green benefits should be taken into account when you make a decision on what kind of solar panels to buy.

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  1. home solar energy Says:

    Since we are experiencing economy crisis right now, we ought to find ways on how to lessen our daily expenses. We all prioritize expenses at home and it’s really amazing to have this solar energy for our homes. It is great to save money from our electricity bills.

  2. john sellers Says:

    I have several small solar panels (fence chargers etc.) but, I do not know how to check? I have a dc voltmeter but the output from the solar panels is watts ( very low). How can I get info as to how to check?
    I understand a certain amout of electronics.
    I am trying to set-up to charge tractor batteries and install a dc water pump to get water out of the creek. I also have a submersible well pump that is ac and would like to replace it with a dc well pump.

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