How do the solar powered cars work?

Majority of the people are tired of paying huge amounts for refueling their vehicles. With the usual gas rates skyrocketing as much as four dollars per gallon, individuals have started looking for various other alternatives to save money. One of the most anticipated alternatives is the solar powered car. The solar powered cars not only help an individual to save their money on car gas but also help in keeping the environment clean.

The solar powered cars highly assist in keeping the environments clean since these cars take energy from the sun that acts as a fuel. The solar cars works by using hundreds of thousands of photovoltaic cells in order to transform the sun light into electricity. The photovoltaic cells are situated at the surface of the car for capturing the UV rays of the sun. The solar cells or photovoltaic cells captures the sunlight and transforms it to electricity. The usual or the average speed of this sort of car is reported as much as 37 mph.

The main concept on which the solar powered car works is its batteries. The batteries of the solar powered cars manage all the power, which enters as well as exist the system in return makes the car moves.

The battery pack of the solar powered car is same like the petrol tank of the conventional car. The solar powered car utilizes the battery pack in order to amass solar energy that would be as a load-leveling device. The most common batteries used in solar powered cars include lead acid battery, nickel metal hydrid (NiMH) battery, nickel cadmium ( NiCad) battery, lithium ion battery, and lithium polymer battery

Nickel cadmium, lithium and nickel metal hydrid solar powered car batteries provide enhanced power in comparison to the much popular lead acid batteries; nevertheless, they are have verified technologies, which requires high maintenance cost. The battery pack of the solar powered car is made up of various singular cells and modules that is wired together to produce the needed system voltage.

Several more sophisticated components that are needed in the working of the solar powered cars are the power electronics. The power electronic components include the motor controller/ balancer, peak power trackers, and a data acquisition system. The main functions of the power electronics of the solar powered cars are to control and monitor the electricity inside the system. Several solar powered car producers used the custom-built components or make their own custom solar car powered components.

The peak solar powered car tracker conditions the electricity supplying from solar array with the purpose to maximize the power and transfer it either to motor controller/balancer for the propulsion or to the batteries for the storage.

At the time when the solar array charges the batteries of the solar powered cars, the peak power trackers then assist to protect the car batteries from being damaged from over charging. The total number of the peak power trackers utilized in the solar powered cars differs from design to design of the solar powered cars. The peak powers trackers are generally very light in weight and usually reach efficiencies more than ninety-five percent.

The motor controller controls the electricity, which is being delivered to motor based on the input signals receiving from driver’s accelerator. DC controllers and AC controllers are the most common kinds of motor controllers used in the working of solar powered cars. Therefore, for al those who wish reduce environmental pollution, solar powered cars are the future to combat global warming.

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