Residential solar energy systems

There is definitely a major difference between residential solar energy systems and passive solar energy systems but most people do not know what makes these two systems so different. The type of solar energy system that works for your situation will depend on what type of set up you have and where the system will […]

Grid tie inverter

A grid-tied renewable energy system consists of many different important parts but the most important part by far that is absolutely vital for the system to work properly is the grid tie inverter. Without the grid tie inverter the energy system would not be capable of working properly. If you have an energy system that […]

Solar food dehydrator

If you have an outdoor garden then you already know how difficult it can be to dry your fruits and vegetables. When you end up harvesting way too much when the gardening season is over you will likely find yourself having difficulties keeping up with all the food. If you want to make the drying […]

Evacuated tube solar collectors

Solar water heating is an underrated way of saving money. It’s not the easiest way to save, and it can take a while, but over a number of years, solar water heating can literally save thousands of dollars. One of the problems that prevent people from accessing more solar energy is that it is and […]

Solar panel backpack

People who love to go hiking in the woods or mountains typically like to take their cell phone, a GPS and a digital camera with them. To solve the problem of having the battery go dead on these hand held devices, technology has made it possible for their backpack to have solar panels on it. […]

Solar fence charger

While the benefits of an electric fence are well-known, solar powered electric fences aren’t seen very often. However, the solar-powered electric fence is a great alternative to the generic electric fence. Usually, solar energy comes with a list of negatives, and isn’t worth it for most people, but solar electric fence chargers nullify almost all […]

Thin film solar panels

Thin-film solar panels are pretty much exactly what they sound like. They’re regular solar panels that have solar cells made of a different, thinner material than usual. This new technology is more energy and cost efficient than regular solar panels. Thin-film solar panels are a very new development that hasn’t established a great presence in […]

Portable solar power generator

Perhaps the greatest asset of solar energy has nothing to do with its clean electricity or its cost effectiveness. It’s the ability to generate power when no other power source is available. For people who need to use a great amount of electricity on the road (or on the water), solar energy is an absolutely […]

Solar pool covers

Anyone that owns an outdoor swimming pool will definitely want to keep care of it. The best way to prevent anything from getting into the water would be to use a pool cover. Solar pool covers are definitely a great option as well as they not only help keep your swimming pool clean but they […]

How solar cells work

Solar cells are the heart of any solar energy system. They are the actual device that converts sunlight into electricity. The production of solar cells has been in constant expansion over the past 30 years, and continues to make up and ever-increasing percentage of the world’s energy supply. Solar cells have been in existence for […]

Solar battery maintainer

Every battery in the world loses at least some of its charge over time, and eventually, a battery will lose all of it. This is doubly true for rechargeable batteries, which are designed for their power to be expended multiple times. Whether it’s the battery for your car or the one for your lawn mower, […]

RV solar power kits

Solar power is by far the most reliable alternative source of energy available. If you plan to use your RV much then it would definitely be a great investment. RV solar power kits allow you to be able to camp wherever you want and not have to worry about losing electricity or using too much […]

High power solar panels

Some solar panels are designed with a high efficiency but this is not always the case. Usually it is the expensive solar panels (typically made with multijunction solar cells) that are very efficient. If you research any affordable solar panel (like one made with crystalline silicon solar cells) you will find out that the efficiency […]

Crystalline silicon solar cells

Most solar panels you will find will likely consist of crystalline silicon solar cells. While these solar panels will be convenient and effective enough to be a worthwhile investment there are still some downsides to these solar cells. It is not necessarily said that crystalline silicon solar cells are terrible but rather the alternative is […]

Atomic solar watch

The solar watch is something that first started to appear on a massive consumer scale in the late 1970’s. During this time the watches almost took on the life form of art deco pieces as many of them were designed around the solar panel embedded within the watch in a way that would not only […]