Solar thermal systems

Solar thermal systems are useful in many homes for several different options. There are many ways to get solar thermal systems to work in your home and it is important to look into available options that will help to lower the costs of energy consumption needed to heat water or a space. There are two […]

Concentrator PV systems

You can benefit greatly from using concentrator PV systems. The main reason why these are so beneficial is that the concentrators will allow for you to have a decrease of solar cell materials in the PV system. When setting up a PV system the most expensive part will be the PV cells so minimizing on […]

Grid tie solar inverters

Many people have heard of solar paneling and how they are able to produce energy that is usable directly or storable for later use through batteries. One of the big things now is tying the solar energy that you are capturing directly into your power grid to lower your energy usage and if you provide […]

Flat plate solar collector

When most people think about collecting solar energy, they think about the traditional solar panel. This is one way to collect solar power, and certainly has become the most popular. The function of a solar panel is to turn sunlight into electricity we can use. We have known for thousands of years that sunlight can […]

Solar energy systems

Solar energy systems have become synonymous with the effort to build a cleaner, “greener” environment, and with good reason. Solar power is, for practical purposes, a limitless resource, and for that reason, billions of dollars are spent every year to improve our ability to harness the energy it provides. We are still just beginning to […]

Parabolic solar cooker

Parabolic solar cookers are a very simple to use concept which involves the use of sunlight as a heating source to cook various different types of food. The main design uses a concave mirror which focuses caught sunlight to a specific point to raise the energy of the beam to produce more heat. With different […]

Travel solar battery charger

For those who travel a lot, go camping or take a lot of business trips, purchasing a travel solar battery charger is a good investment. Most people find that they need to have a reliable source of energy to charge up their electrical devices when they travel. They may need them as well for their […]

100 watt solar panels

When investing in solar panels its best not to just randomly pick one to buy at a store. It may be difficult to find enough information on solar panels without doing a lot of research but it is really worth it to know exactly what to look for so you make the best investment possible. […]

Solar heat exchanger

Solar water heating is a pretty old concept that people have been using for more than 80 years. However, with new technology we are able to accomplish this task much more efficiently. We use a solar thermal system to generate heat, and this is usually attached to some sort of fluid delivery system that in […]

Photovoltaic cells efficiency

The efficiency of photovoltaic cells can be very tricky to figure out and many of the companies that produce them take different routes when manufacturing their products. One of the most important things in the photovoltaic cell manufacturing process is the actual process in which they are produced. Different companies will use different materials and […]

Solar electricity for homes

One of the most confusing topics in today’s world is the use of energy. Not everyone knows what the units of measurement mean and how much it is costing them and the earth to produce that amount of electricity. This is why it is important to look into valuable options such as solar electricity which […]

Solar hot water tank

Solar hot water tanks are used by consumers to save money on the cost of heating water in the home. Some have pumps while others don’t, but most require a storage tank with good insulation. Either through the use of solar plates or tubes or via circulation-focused systems, there are a variety of choices when […]

Solar energy companies

As the market for solar energy continues to grow, a multitude of companies strive to develop new and innovated ways not only to harness solar energy, but to turn that energy into a workable product that people can use in their everyday lives. Here is an overview of some of the biggest and best solar […]

Solar vacuum tubes

One of the large concerns of several different home owners is the fact that they are unable to get adequate water heating at an affordable and resource conserving source. There is one way to heat up large amounts of water by using solar energy to do the work for you. This helps to conserve fuels […]

Mini solar panels

Mini solar panels have many different uses in today’s technological fields and can provide you with many great options for solar powered devices. They are excellent for providing power in the most remote of areas providing that there is a source of adequate sunlight. Fortunately there are many great applications which can be used to […]