RV solar power kits

Solar power is by far the most reliable alternative source of energy available. If you plan to use your RV much then it would definitely be a great investment. RV solar power kits allow you to be able to camp wherever you want and not have to worry about losing electricity or using too much of it. For the amount of money you could possibly save, RV solar power kits are definitely a great deal.

The idea behind going on a vacation with your RV is that you have the freedom to travel wherever you want. Some areas you may want to visit won’t offer you a place to plug your RV in though. That is where RV solar power kits make their introduction.

RV solar power kits can usually keep your RV’s vehicles fully charged as long as the sun is out. If you use air conditioning it could drain your batteries too quickly though, but otherwise there is nothing to worry about. RV solar power kits are basically a cheap and efficient power source that can be much more convenient, reliable, and can save you quite a bit of money too.

Choosing the Right RV Solar Power Kit
While RV solar power kits offer many benefits, you still have to know what kit is the best for your vehicle. There are many different factors as to which solar panel kit is preferably for your vehicle but the most important thing to look at is the minimum and maximum temperatures your vehicle withstands.

Overall, most RV solar power kits that can be easily installed to your vehicle are a safe bet. The main deciding factor for most people when shopping for RV solar power kits would be the cost of the kit. There are some RV solar power kits available for as little as $200 but others may cost more than $1, 000. Obviously, the more you spend on the kit the better it will perform. While this may seem like a large investment, the money you save on other expenses will definitely make it worthwhile.

Easy installation is another important thing to look for when viewing RV solar power kits. For some situations, solar panels are rather difficult to install because they generate DC power but this is not a problem for your RV, as it also uses DC power. Some RV’s do not but the vast majority do. If your RV uses AC power, there should still be at least one battery which requires DC power. With this said, you know it is not going to be very difficult to install your solar power kit once you purchase it.

Ideally you will want to only consider buying RV solar power kits that use charge controllers to stop the possibility of the battery being overcharged. These controllers usually offer you the ability to add another one or two solar cells.

Are RV Solar Panel Kits Really Worth It?
If you have already made the investment of buying a RV then you are likely going to be using it quite a bit. If you plan to use your RV regularly then it would definitely be worth it to take a look at some RV solar panel kits. You will be able to get the money you spent back in the long run anyway. Solar panel kits are by far the most reliable and convenient alternative energy source available for your recreational vehicle so you should definitely consider them.

You will likely be using your RV to go on camping trips or lengthy vacations. No matter what your intentions are you will probably want to get sufficient energy in the meantime. If you always need to plug your vehicle in so you have electricity all the time then you probably will not get a great vacation out of your time. With RV solar panel kits you will be able to go anywhere and still have a backup energy source that you can rely on at all times so it is definitely worth giving it a shot.

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  1. SAideh Says:

    Dear Sir,

    I kindly request price offer or the the following system.

    Solar power system
    Components system:
    1- photovoltaic panel.
    a- Out put power at least. 80W
    b- state technical specification of solar cell
    2- inverter. The inverter must be achieve the following specification:
    a- output voltage 220VAC
    b- input voltage DC
    c- out put power at least 2000W.
    d- must be compatible with power solar system.
    e- Control system of each inverter.
    f- Provide with protect of over load .
    g- Provide with protect of battery.
    h- Must be provide with automatic detection of load during standby.
    i- Provide with protect of heavy discharge of battery.
    j- Provide with protect of rise temperature and short circuit.
    k- Provide with protect of reverse polarity.
    3- charger controller.
    a- charge current 20A min..
    b- compatible with (UP to 900Wp) technology.
    c- Provide charge current to battery each moment (SOC system).
    d- Depend on counter principle Ah.
    e- Return to work as automatic.
    f- Provide with manual switch of load.
    g- Provide with automatic choose between 12 V or 24V.
    4- Battery.
    a- 200 Ah min..
    general conditions:
    1- provide technical specification of solar, inverter, charger controller and battery.
    2- Must provide the system with safety, state the standard.
    3- State the certificate of test of the solar system.
    4- The system must provide it with suitable controller to connect it to PC inorder to monitoring the system and storage the defults and provide it with LCDto read the mesurments(current, volte, frequency, real power,temperature, hours work.
    5- Solar cells will work in ambient temparature 45C°
    The locations information:
    We have 6 locations
    First location consist of : 6 rooms the power consumption for each room is 1500W the avarge hour work is 10 hours.
    Second location consist of: 5 rooms+ one gate+one garage car. power cosumption for each room is 1500W, the avarge hour work is 10 hours.
    Consumption of gate is 300W and garage 300W
    Third location consist of: 8 rooms consumption for each room is 1500W houres work 10 houre.
    Fourth location consist of: 6 rooms consumption for each room is 1500W hours work 10 hours
    Fifth location consist of: 4 rooms consumption for each room is 300w hours work 8 hours.
    Sixth location consist of: 2 rooms the first room consumption is 1800W hour work 10 hours.
    Second room consumption 1500W hours work 10 hours.