Set up solar panels for homes

When you set up solar panels for homes, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Set up is easier when starting from scratch as you can optimize many things that can influence the size and cost of the solar array. Since you can build in passive solar heating and daylighting techniques when you create a home design, that will dramatically reduce the size of the solar array that you would need so it is definitely less expensive when you plan ahead.

The same factors affecting how you set up solar panels for homes are present in existing construction, as well, but you are limited as to what you can do about them. When you are having a home built, these considerations can be factored into the design. Site location, orientation of the house, obstructions to the sunlight, climate and weather are all going to figure into how you set up solar panels for homes. Even when these considerations aren’t optimal, there are work around solutions to enable you to utilize solar energy to power your home.

At least in the United States, it’s critical to have a south facing roof facade in order to maximize the solar energy collection. While you can set up solar panels for homes on the eastern or western facades, it will require a much larger solar array in order to harness enough energy. The solar array should never be placed on north facing facade as you will not be able to get enough sunlight to generate the energy a home needs. If absolutely necessary, you can set up your solar array on a freestanding basis in a sunny location in the yard but it’s not as effective.

If there are any buildings nearby on the southern side of the home, make sure they are not high enough to obstruct the sunlight from hitting the solar array. Likewise, be sure to cut back or remove any trees that may block the sun. When you go through the trouble and expense to set up solar panels for homes, you certainly want to maximize the amount of energy captured by your solar panels.

The climate in your region is going to play a large role when you set up solar panels for homes in that it will influence the size of the solar array you will need. If your home is in a bright, sunny climate such as in the south, you will not need as large an array as you would in a northern clime such as New England. Basically, the more direct sunlight that your home gets in a day, the less expensive installing solar power will be as you won’t need as large a system.

The weather in your area is also going to be an important factor in how you set up solar panels for homes. If your location is in a high wind region, then you will need extra strength in the mounting system for your PV panels. After all, it definitely won’t do you any good if the panels get blown away, will it? Any area that has regular inclement weather patterns will have to be taken into account when you set up solar panels for homes.

The good thing about all these factors is that there are ways to compensate when conditions are less than optimal. However, compensating will often involve more expense due to needing larger solar arrays or heavy duty mounting systems. As technology continues to advance and the prices slowly come down, it will soon be more cost effective to set up solar panels for homes than ever before.

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    Happily going solar…