Solar battery maintainer

Every battery in the world loses at least some of its charge over time, and eventually, a battery will lose all of it. This is doubly true for rechargeable batteries, which are designed for their power to be expended multiple times. Whether it’s the battery for your car or the one for your lawn mower, chances are that you’ve experienced a flat battery. If you were lucky, you had somebody around with jumper cables to help you out, but many people find themselves in a situation where that doesn’t happen. For those people, and for many others, a solar battery maintainer is a great and even invaluable tool.

The purpose of a battery maintainer is self-explanatory: it keeps the batteries charge at its peak. There are electric battery chargers that can pull you out of the jam a flat battery charger creates. However, a battery maintainer can completely avoid this situation. By keeping your battery’s charge at its peak level, you eliminate the possibility of the battery having too low a level to work properly. Even better, it helps save a starter battery (the kind found in most engines) from damage – starter batteries aren’t made to be discharged more than a certain amount, and that stress can damage them in the long run.

Battery maintainers are especially good for cars with batteries in the middle of their lifelines that aren’t being used often. The battery maintainer can be hooked up to the battery itself or through the cigarette lighter (DC power outlet) if that stays active when the car is off. Batteries that sit for long periods of time naturally lose power, and they lose it at a faster rate the more they’ve been discharged. A maintainer is also good for cars at the end of their battery life; if the maximum power threshold of the battery is low, the battery maintainer can be the difference between it starting or not. That said, it won’t save a battery once its maximum power level is below what it needs to start the engine.

Most of the time, people buy solar energy because of reasons other than the energy itself – we buy solar power systems to save money in the long term because solar power is free, or we try to help the environment in our own small way. With a battery maintainer, however, solar energy is actually the best, most effective type of energy to use. It would be fairly silly need the battery maintainer to have a battery to store its energy, that would be a high maintenance solution at best and it would double the problem at worst. Using an electrical outlet would work, but it would restrict the placement of the car, and even be impossible for some people.

With solar energy, you can keep it hooked up to the battery outside of the car, and never have to worry about it again. It can sit on the inside or outside of your windshield, charging the whole time (although windshields that block UV rays may hinder its performance). It obviously won’t ever need to be recharged. And a battery maintainer isn’t needed 24/7, so the not having enough sun will almost never be a problem.

But in the end, are solar battery maintainers worth the money? A normal solar battery maintainer will cost somewhere between $20 and $30. If that saves you the hassle of not being able to start your vehicle in a tight spot, or if you’re in a situation where your battery is constantly losing power over time, then yes, it is. But if you need something to help your flat battery in a pinch, this probably isn’t the best product; an actual battery charger would help your needs better.

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