Solar billboard lights

Solar billboards are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to get your message on a billboard with the use of a solar-powered light that illuminates your signage. These solar light fixtures can put out as much as 400 watts a pop and can be installed right out of the box if you purchase a kit with the necessary batteries, wiring and controller.

Not only is traditional billboard lighting expensive by the power use alone, it requires a specialist to install. However, solar billboard lighting has a low upfront cost as well as low maintenance costs. In just a few years, the investment can pay for itself, increasing profits.

When shopping for solar billboard lighting, look out for what kind of size you will need. Make sure you know your billboard’s environment and location before you even go shopping. Make sure the installation is going to be as easy as it sounds, that you have an able person to do this, and that all necessary equipment is included in the kit. Alternatively, find out where to find any needed equipment that isn’t included.

Contrary to popular belief, solar lighting doesn’t just happen when it’s sunny outside. These lights are designed to store solar power throughout the day, and many can even do so in low-light or rainy situations.

Below are popular shopping sources of solar billboard lights:

  • Envirolight is a leader in the solar billboard lighting industry, and they provide a variety of products. Their smallest offering is perfect for single-sided billboards up to 30-feet wide. The next level up is for two-sided models with at least 40 feet of width. The largest package is for very long or unusually shaped signage. All kits come with the necessary cabling and accessories for installation and maintenance. Because needs very, EnviroLight technicians can customize lighting for your billboard if the readily available packages do not meet your needs.
  • Silicon Solar Inc. has enough storage in its battery to light up the signs even when the sun is long gone. Amorphic poly-crystalline solar panels produce energy even during overcast or rainy situations. Kits include battery, solar panel, control and the necessary wires. Several packages are available for a variety of needs.
  • Plt solar offers a shelf life of 100,000 hours and coloring options. This light source minimizes heat and CO2 output and offers wattages from 15 to 200 watts depending on your needs. These lights make use of circuit board technology and electromagnetic induction with no interference.
  • Solar Direct will customize your lighting system based on your sign’s size, environment and location. The self-contained system has no power cables, no transformers, no meters and 100% solar power. Low battery, short circuit protection, automation and wind resistance are other desirable qualities of the Solar Direct solar billboard lights.
  • The Atlas Solar Products solar billboard lighting system includes a solar-powered light emitting diode (LED) board that includes a photovoltaic solar panel and two spotlights. It can be installed in minutes and doesn’t need to be serviced for up o five years.  The system is available in a variety of colors, can last up to 4 days on its own, can charge in almost all weather conditions and comes with a three-year warranty. Not only can you use this on outdoor billboards, the system can be used for bridge advertising over highways, building logos and billing.

If you can’t find satisfied products from above-mentioned sources, check for manufacturers that offer top-notch solar billboard lighting sets. With maximum power output at low prices, these devices are available in a variety of packages and customization also is available.

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  2. NexMedia Says:

    Hi Guys, we are exploring the possibilities of solar energy billboards. Have already gone through the various companies websites that you have mentioned but have yet to go into Alibaba. What company in China on Alibaba do you recommend as a preferred source for solar billboard lighting manufacturer?

  3. Solarmom Says:

    Try SOL Inc. They provide commercial grade billboard lighting and are used by the top billboard ad agencies like Lamar and Clearchannel throughout the U.S. and Canada. I hear they are looking for dealers/reps like yourself. You can also call 800-959-1329. All their products are made in the USA so you know you will be helping fellow Americans and getting quality products that won’t fall apart – unlike a lot of the Chinese stuff around. Best of luck.

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