Solar energy companies

As the market for solar energy continues to grow, a multitude of companies strive to develop new and innovated ways not only to harness solar energy, but to turn that energy into a workable product that people can use in their everyday lives. Here is an overview of some of the biggest and best solar energy companies:

Solar Energy Generating Sytems – Based out of the United States, this is the biggest solar energy company in the world. They are one of the many companies to own solar power plants in the Mojave Desert, which is the best place within the US to receive sunlight, with some parts of the desert averaging over 340 days of sunlight per year. This company, however, has the biggest presence in the area, owning nine solar power plants. Among those nine power plants, they also own the two largest in the world, as well as some of the most technologically advanced. They made the news in the late-90’s when one of their panels exploded, but have been quietly generating solar power without accident since.

Suntech Power – Another of the world’s largest solar companies, Suntech Power is based out of China, and owns four solar power plants based in the country. They employ over 8,000 people. They are also connected with corporations outside of their home country, as they helped Google develop one of their main initiatives and merged with an Israeli company to develop the largest solar power plant in that country.

Juwi – This is a German company that is notable for owning the world’s largest thin-film solar panel (or thin-film photovoltaic). Thin film is a technology that makes solar panels much cheaper to use. The cheapness of the material helps to encourage companies like this one to invest in producing solar energy.

Pacific Gas & Electric – This company, along with BrightSource Energy, is launching one of the largest current solar power projects. They are developing a solar power plant that projects to be one of the most powerful in the country. When it begins operating in 2011, the plant should produce 500 megawatts, and they plan to expand that to 900 MW. When it begins working, this will be the biggest concentrated solar project in the world. Pacific Gas & Electric has contracts with multiple other solar companies, and is an energy giant.

Most solar energy companies reside in Germany, which produces over 40% of the world’s solar power. The German government took a unique approach to developing solar energy, heavily incentivizing it while punishing companies that didn’t use clean energy. As a result, Germany’s solar energy market has grown at a much faster pace than any other country in the world by far – no other country produces even 20% of the world’s solar energy, and many countries have more viable land on which they can produce that energy. Not only is Germany the main solar energy producer, but their enormous solar energy marketplace has produced a great number of institutes and universities dedicated to increasing the rate and efficiency at which the world produces solar energy.

Our use of solar energy continues to be small compared to other forms of energy – solar power only produces about 0.02% of the world’s energy supply. The production of solar energy continues to be an industry that costs much to enter, and pays off too slowly and too long term compared to many other forms of money. However, as the expense of fossil fuels continues to rise in the marketplace and the effects of pollution continue to harm the world’s environment, solar energy’s value will only increase. The amount of solar energy we have produced has grown every year in the 2000’s, and projects to keep doing so for the long-term future.

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  1. Aniket Agrawal Says:

    sir i want to know the details on solar power plant i m thinking to set up an solar power plant unit of 10 mwt what are the process to start the process

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