Solar fence charger

While the benefits of an electric fence are well-known, solar powered electric fences aren’t seen very often. However, the solar-powered electric fence is a great alternative to the generic electric fence. Usually, solar energy comes with a list of negatives, and isn’t worth it for most people, but solar electric fence chargers nullify almost all of these. They’re also very easy and fairly inexpensive to set up, and the fence that goes along with it doesn’t work any differently than any other regular electric fence. The only real difference with a solar model is that you’ll never have to charge it or plug it in again.

The biggest flaw with solar energy in general is that it only exists on sunny days. But solar electric fence chargers usually come with a rechargeable battery. The battery is charged with the solar energy, and when the sun isn’t out, the fence draws the power it needs from the battery instead. These batteries can last up to a couple weeks or so, which helps to ensure that the fence still works, even when there are a few cloudy days in a row. As solar equipment goes, this is one of the models with the least potential drawbacks.

The other problem with solar power is that appliances that use it are generally much more expensive. This is still somewhat of a problem. If you’re getting a solar charger with a battery attached, you can expect to pay about double the cost that you’d normally pay for an electric fence charger. But you shouldn’t have to replace your entire fence to hook up a solar charger too it. As long as your fence’s wattage matches with the solar charger, and the fence takes DC power (the kind normally found in houses), your current fence should function fine.

As to whether that double price is worth it, it depends. Financially, you probably won’t make up the difference in what you save in power bills, although that might effectively take $20 or so off of the price tag. The remainder depends on whether you think the added convenience of solar power is worth it. The convenient aspect is that you’ll never have to worry about plugging it in or short circuiting or charging the battery. So essentially, you can install the solar charger and never worry about it again. Is that enough to justify spending an extra $100 or so to charge a fence? Probably not, but if you have a hard time finding a way to get an electric charge, I may be the only reasonable choice.

It’s not easy to find a solar electrical fence charger. That said, any place that sells electrical fences should be able to at least point you in the right direction for one. If you haven’t bought a fence yet, make sure you find a good spot to put the charger in, one that gets the most sunlight possible. You’ll need to plan your fence around it so that it will get the most power possible. If you’re looking to get  a solar charger for your fence, make sure such a spot exists along the lining of the fence, and then check your fence’s wattage so that you know how much power you’ll need.

Most solar powered appliances sell based on saving money in the long term. Solar electric fence chargers don’t stand much of a chance at that, making them the rare solar appliance that sells on convenience. That’s a heavy advantage in its favor, but the deciding factor will honestly be whether your budget can stomach the additional $100 or so that a solar charger is likely to cost.

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  1. dave Says:

    I would agree too the point of, solar electric fencer’s, are more costly than a 110Vac or 220Vac unit. What this article missed, is that we have all at one point and time, lost main power to homes, businesses, and farms. I will bet money on this statement. “no one likes to chase our animals around when our electric fence goes down!” Their for its is “the best alternative, next to just battery operated units” I will stay with the best unit i have ever found, and i have used many styles and types. My unit of choice is “fence master america .com” when we lost main power, do to a ice storm, the ice surrounded the power line’s the dia. of a aluminum can, took out power poles all over the area,, it took crews over 45 days, to get main power back up and running in the rule area, thank god for solar fence chargers.

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