Solar forced air heater

These days, deciding between the expense of warming a home and the comfort of not freezing is a realistic decision many households have to make. This can become even more dire in climates where it is extremely cold.

Add to economic difficulties nationwide and globally the shortage of energy, the skyrocketing of cost and traditional energy’s harmful effect on the environment, and you may be considering another way out. Perhaps you should consider solar energy, especially a solar forced air heater if home heating costs have you parting too quickly with your pennies.

A solar forced air heater is an economical and practical way to take a huge chunk out of your utility bills. More money is used to heat the home or office than used to power it or heat its water. Most of these devices will pay for themselves over time, and there are many government incentives out there to help shoulder the cost. Besides saving money, you are left with the feeling that you are contributing to the well being of the environment.

There are many things to consider when purchasing a solar forced air heater. Will you be able to install it? Is the cost worth what you will save in energy costs? Where would you mount it? Is the aesthetic affects of such a device to your home an issue to you? Do you live in an apartment and would like to give solar forced air heaters a shot?

In addition, some devices are more efficient than others, and all require a certain amount of sunlight to operate at their best. Learning these details and applying them to your particular client or living situation, and you will be well equipped to select the best solar forced air heater.

Below are some leading examples of solar forced air heaters:

  • ClearDome’s Building Integrated Solar Forced Air (BISFA) device can produce more than 100 watts (300BTUs) of energy on a sunny day per linear foot. Their 16-inch-wide panel can produce more than 800 watts (2,500 BTUs). This comes out to a savings of $8 per useable watt. Efficiency is measured at 80 percent.
  • The SolarWall heater is a modular, do it yourself kit that you can mount on your roof or wall of your home. This device is good for home and residential use, as well as for crop drying. Efficiency is measures at above 50 percent.
  • American Solar employs tile roofing connectivity to get energy to your home heater. These devices can be used to heat buildings and water, heat and re-heat for commercial purposes, dry, cool, drive thermal generators, and more.
  • HotBox Solar devices are window and wall mountable. They specialize in commercial and residential heating. Estimated at a two-year payback, each panel heats up 1,000 square feet of living space. The panel will last 20 years, and there is a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • SolarWindowHeaters is mounted on a south-facing window and can be used by homes or apartments. Also experts in both commercial and residential, there are do it yourself kits available.
  • SunMate, by environmental solar systems, is a green and economical device that specializes in home use and comes with an internal thermostat. Cool air from the house is heated, then circulated throughout the living space. Efficiently designed, these models also are aesthetically designed for the home.
  • Consolair Inc.’s SOLAR MAX can keep a room at room temperature with 15 minutes of sunlight an hour for a 1,000 square-foot home. The device operates automatically with the help of an internal thermostat and can heat up an entire home with 15 minutes of sunlight per hour.
  • YourSolarHome offers air and water heating systems, hybrids, pre-heating and heat recovery systems .. all solar powered. This affordable device is self-contained and self-powered.

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  1. Jared Says:

    Yes there are many established suppliers of manufactured solar air heaters but these are all very expensive. Because the technolgy used for solar air heaters is quite straight forward, they are pretty realistic projects for the average person to take on. I was able to make my own solar air heater with some salvaged windows, aluminum, paint, a pv panel and dc fan. It has been working very well and was hundreds of dollars cheaper than a store bought model. I have posted the details of this project here:

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