Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights are the perfect solution to your outdoor lighting needs. There are two main considerations when choosing lighting for your outdoor spaces. The first is safety – you wouldn’t want anyone tripping on the path to your house or through your garden. The second consideration would be using garden lights as decorative accents. Solar garden lights fulfill both considerations and offer several advantages over traditional electric lighting choices.

Traditional garden and path lighting requires extensive wiring which can not only be difficult to install, the wires also pose a safety hazard for you and your children. If you plan ahead, you can have the wires buried underground throughout the garden area and then add plantings and other landscaping features. However, if you already have a nicely landscaped yard, you certainly won’t want to be digging trenches throughout the space so then you are faced with exposed wiring.

Solar garden lights, on the other hand, do not need to be wired into your household electricity since they run on the power of the sun. Each light is self-contained with the solar panel, LED lights and rechargeable battery. You simply need to put them where they will get several hours of direct sunlight throughout the day and they will give off a beautiful, soft light for up to 18 hours. Since there is no complicated wiring involved, it is an easy matter to install the solar garden lights yourself.

Just like traditional lighting products, solar garden lights come in a vast array of styles, shapes and designs to easily fit into your landscape design. You will easily find the perfect light for highlighting your favorite garden features. There are small units that can be used to play up front yard plantings for night time beauty and curb appeal. There are larger units that can help create dramatic seating and conversation areas on your patio – ideal for entertaining. Wherever you want them, solar garden lights will add a soft glow to perk up the visual interest of your outdoor spaces.

There are several things to keep in mind when choosing which solar garden lights will work best for your needs. You will need to consider where you want the lighting, how bright you will need it and how long you would like the light to last. Since the power to run solar garden lights is harnessed from the sun, where you place the light can have a great effect on how they work in your garden.

Southern exposure will allow for maximum exposure to the sun throughout the day and therefore will help provide light that lasts throughout the nighttime. Obviously, you would not want to place the lights where they will be in shaded areas much of the day. If you have a very shady garden area, you may want to consider solar garden lights that come with photovoltaic panels that can be attached to the roof. This will involve a wire to the actual units but this is still less wiring than traditional electric lighting.

Most garden lights are used for accent rather than bright light but you may have areas that you would like to be brighter then others. Solar garden lights usually utilize LED bulbs and can come with one, two or more. The more LEDs in the unit, the brighter the light it will put out. If you want an area to be brightly lit in the evenings, buying a unit that has multiple LEDs and placing it with maximum sun exposure will suit your purpose.

Whether you need lighting for safety purposes or to showcase your landscaping, there are solar garden lights to suit your needs. With no need for costly and complicated wiring, these lights are both easy to install and economical alternatives to traditional lighting options. Self contained and extremely low maintenance, your solar garden lights will highlight your outdoor space for many years to come.

5 Responses to “Solar garden lights”

  1. solar power Says:

    And the wiring on traditional lighting can look rather messy outdoors

  2. energy performance certificate Says:

    Anybody heard of the new developments with nano solar technology? When this is used for things such as these garden lights your garden will be so bright at night you will have to turn them down! 😉 google nano techonology…its the way forward

  3. Paul Jeary Says:

    I have inherited some solar garden lights in a house we just moved to. They have the self-contained collector. Although not bright, they are an attractive and welcome addition and can be used as wayfinder markers. They are also simple to move when you are maintaining or reshaping the garden.

  4. Anthony Landers Says:

    Some solar garden lights have an adjustable solar panel that can be angled to the sun to enhance battery charging making the solar lights brighter and last long during long winter nights.

    Also if your solar powered lights are not performing well this could be a result of soiling, some water and a clean rag to clean the solar panel should bring the preformace back as if they were new. Should your solar light be two or three years old it might be time to replace the rechargeable battery, just note if the battery is a Ni-Cd or NiMh battery just replace with the same type….

  5. EPC Says:

    Solar powered garden lights are not meant to flood your garden with light but rather to create a gentle atmosphere, making it a pleasant place to relax.

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