Solar GPS charger

If you love technology and you are always on the go, you may want to consider a solar GPS charger. These little devices are especially great for the camper, the traveler, hikers, outdoorsy and wilderness types, road warriors and frequent flyers, and international and business travelers.

Using the power of the sun, solar power chargers increase our independence from electrical companies by using energy from a free and unlimited source. While these devices may see like an expensive proposition for some, hang in there are prices are expected to drop as these technologies become more common.

Another option is to purchase a GPS device with a built in solar panel so that it charges without the need of an additional chargers. The Proporta GPS receiver is a good example of this kind of device.

Free, solar power and the good feeling that you are helping the environment are but a couple of reasons to consider solar GPS chargers. When choosing a device, take into consideration other devices you may want to charge, and make sure all accessories you need are included. Also consider whether you want a purely solar charger or a hybrid. Read on to learn about some of the solar GPS chargers out in the market today:

PowerPoint offers solar chargers in the 3.5, 12 and 25-watt varieties. They are compact and durable, leading to simple transpiration and are great for travelers who do a large amount of field work. These devices convert the sun’s power into 12 volts of energy. These devices are easily foldable and fold into a packet that can be easily carried around. You can even put them in your pocket or a glove box. In addition to using these chargers fro your GPS, you also may use them to charge cell phones, iPods, MP3 players, rechargeable batteries, and more.

Sunlinq’s series of solar GPS chargers also are available in 6.5, 15, and 25-watt varieties. Whether you kayak, backpack across Europe or camp and hike in the wilderness, you will want to seriously consider a Sunlinq solar charger. This device is especially useful for marine and RV applications as well, and can charge a variety of small handheld devices. You can even use these panels to trickle charge the battery in your RV, vehicle, snowmobile or boat. Comes with accessories for recharge of a variety of devices. Perhaps its best quality is its compactness – folded up it has the dimensions and weight of a paperback book.

The Zap Recharge system is a collection of accessories that charge a large variety of small handheld devices. Rechargeable batteries also are available as part of this comprehensive system.

Good Hope bags can be recharged through your computer, direct sunlight or an AC power outlet. A full charge lasts about eight hours, and the device can be used to charge a large variety of devices. Good for travel or everyday usage.

The Solia solar charger is a cute device that can charge a wide variety of devices after one hour in direct sunlight. As a hybrid device, it can receive its charge from the sin or from electrical outlets. This device also is a good choice as an emergency back-up.

The Apollo II is a device that is compatible with Bluetooth, cell phones, MP3 players, and more in addition to the GPS. The device has a shelf life of about 500 charges, includes an LED flashlight, and automatically shuts off when it reaches a full charge. There also is a built-in short circuit protection and overheating protection. This device can be purchased from Radio Shack.

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