Solar heating controller

Solar water heating systems are fast becoming a much appreciated hot water solution for homeowners, developers and businesses. Typically, most solar water heating systems are designed and used to preheat the water to help cut down the cost for regular fossil fuel hot water system. These systems all need an electrical solar water heating controller for the system to run optimally. The controller will work with a pump to keep the water already heated from cooling down.

The job of the solar water heating controller is to monitor and detect the water temperature of the solar panel. The controller will monitor and detect the water temperature in the water storage tank as well. The water tank is a tank that the water that is being heated from the sun is stored before it is released into the homes regular hot water heater tank. The pump on the solar water heating controller will send hot water from the solar panel into the hot water storage tank. If the solar panel water gets hotter than the water in the water tank the controller turns on the pump and pumps the hot water into the water tank. Another job of the controller is to turn off the pump when the water in the storage tank is hotter than the water in the solar panel. This is because the water in the water tank would cool down by the water in the solar panel if the cooler water was allowed to circulate into the water storage tank.

The cost of solar heating is becoming more attractive to people and more consumers are looking into adding a solar heating system to their home so they can have free energy to meet their hot water needs in a very economical way. The cost savings of energy consumption alone is worth it to add one of these solar water heating systems. Adding value to your home to the money you can save each month is another benefit to consider deciding if you want to add a solar hot water heating system to your home.

Some handymen are even building their own solar water heating systems. A “do it yourself” or DYI solar water heating system is not hard to make and installing a pump is easy. Anyone can build their own solar water heating system. All you need is one or two solar panels. You can purchase these panels at any solar supply store or find them from dealers online. Most people install the panels on their roof. A passive solar heating system will not need a pump or a solar water heating controller. If you build or purchase an active solar water heating system, you will also need to install a solar water heating controller to work with your pump to keep your system running efficiently. You can purchase an inexpensive 12V5 pump and a solar water heating controller from many online websites. These pumps and controllers are readily available and can be connected directly to a PV Solar panel that is rated similarly. Once you build you water heating system and install the solar water heating controller, you will have a renewable source of energy to heat your water for years to come.

You can also purchase a solar water heating system that are commercially manufactured and sold by dealers. The solar water heating controller in commercially made solar hot water systems will make the circulation pump work automatically when you install an intelligent controller. An intelligent controller is designed specially for small booster pumps and will give you a constant water pressure supply for your solar water heating system.

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