Solar hot water tank

Solar hot water tanks are used by consumers to save money on the cost of heating water in the home. Some have pumps while others don’t, but most require a storage tank with good insulation. Either through the use of solar plates or tubes or via circulation-focused systems, there are a variety of choices when it comes to selecting a solar hot water tank.

Additionally, there are different types of solar water heaters recommended for different climates. In warmer climates, easy-to-install passive systems are recommended. In moderate climates, flat-plate systems are recommended, which require the assistance of pumps. In colder climates, evacuated tubes are recommended, which is the most heavy duty system of the solar water heater systems. Prices for these systems start at about a grand and increase as the complexity of the system increases.

Popularity of these devices because of the green energy movement has made these heating systems more of a possibility for homeowners. For example, you can receive as much as 30% off in assistance from the government for purchasing one of these systems. Add to that the money you would be saving from not having a high electricity or gas bill, and this could be a viable option for many. These systems can last for up to 30 years.

Below you will find descriptions on a variety of solar hot water tank products for all types for required uses:

  • SolTube offers a hot water heating tube that can be used with the solar shower system. A daisy chain of these tubes can offer up to 80 gallons of hot water capacity, even on cloudy days. Aluminum, magnesium and polyester combine to make the tube, which activates with metallic particles to yield warmed water. From residential uses to wilderness, beach and condo applications, everyone can benefit from the SolTube.
  • Takagi’s Flash tankless water heater is 20 inches tall and only weighs 40 pounds. This compact device also is available in a full-size capacity. This device, which doesn’t store hot water but only heats water being used, is eligible for the government’s 30 percent tax credit. At 120 volts, this device can be used in both residential and commercial applications. A tankless water works when a sensor activates a burner as the water is used. The best part is you never run out of hot water because the water is continuously being heated. This device comes with a 7-year warranty for the heat exchanger, and 2 years for all other parts.
  • The ProgressivTube’s solar heater has a 20-gallon capacity and can be used in a variety of situations ands comes with cold weather applications, although it is best used in warmer climates. This device, which requires little operating cost, can last more than 25 years. Just like the Takagi Flash, water is heated as it is used. Cabins and small homes are best suited for this device. If you like the ProgressiveTube, but live in a colder climate area, just use the device for spring, summer and fall, then drain the system during the winter months and revert back to your traditional system.
  • For a water heater system that works in a colder climate, consider Fafco’s products, which also are eligible for the government’s 30% tax credit. Devices come with a 10-year warranty and are expected to last up to 30 years. The devices can add value to your home, and are considered five times more effective than PV systems. Using polymer chemistry, Fafco’s clean, safe and quiet systems do not require an extensive amount of maintenance. These devices are modular in design.

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