Solar landscape lighting

Solar landscape lighting is an option that is appealing to more homeowners every day. You need to have some sort of lighting for safety and security reasons at least in walkways and ares where you may entertain. Many also like the decorative effect that lighting can give to their homes exterior, greatly improving nighttime curb appeal and usability. Solar landscape lighting fulfills these needs while not adding to the home’s power consumption, which can be a big consideration in these days of soaring energy costs.

Like traditional products, solar landscape lighting comes in almost any shape or style that you can imagine. You can find tall, lamp post styles for lighting entries or walkways. Many are offered with motion sensing technology so that the light only comes on when needed. This is a great security measure and deterrent to would-be burglars. Lighting pathways makes it safer for both you and guests to get from the car to the house without tripping over anything.

There are tiny solar landscape lighting products that are perfect for highlighting the focal points in your garden or lawn. The soft glow of light that highlights beautiful flowers or shrubbery adds greatly to the after dark curb appeal of your home. In the back garden, using solar landscape lighting to draw attention to elements in the garden can create a variety of atmospheres from whimsical to dramatic. Lighting is a fantastic way to extend the time when you can enjoy your landscaping and gardening efforts.

One of the best advantages of solar landscape lighting is that there are no messy wires needed. This saves you the trouble of having to either hide the wiring or bury it where it can’t be tripped over. Not only does this enable you to position your lighting in interesting ways, it also saves you money on your monthly utility bills. This also enables solar landscape lighting to be installed easily and quickly by anyone – no need for electricians or contractors.

Solar lighting tends to be less bright than traditional lighting options so keep that in mind when choosing the styles that you want. For areas where you will be entertaining or there is a safety concern, you may want brighter lights than when highlighting plantings or statuary. This is easy to accomplish by purchasing lights with multiple LED bulbs or by grouping several several lights in a smaller area. Which choice to go with will depend on your individual tastes and decorative style.

Obviously, solar landscape lighting is dependent on good sun exposure in order to shine brighter and longer at night. Therefore, careful consideration of where to place the solar lights will be needed. They will need to be placed where they can get the most direct sunlight throughout the day, preferably with a southern exposure to the solar panel. If your yard or garden is mostly shady, there are lighting options that provide a separate solar panel system that can be attached to the roof instead.

Maintenance of your solar landscape lighting is extremely minimal. LED lights are exceptionally long lasting so will not have to be replaced for a very long time, if ever. An occasional check to be sure that the units haven’t been accidentally repositioned is a good idea. It’s also beneficial to occasionally dust off the solar panel so that the sunlight isn’t blocked by dust or falling leaves.

Solar landscape lighting is a terrific option for those who want to highlight their yards and gardens. Lighting adds visual interest to your home and increases curb appeal. Varying your lighting options can add drama to your garden or a touch of whimsy to your patio. Solar landscape lighting is easy to install, comes in a wide variety of designs and doesn’t add to your utility bills – perfectly lovely!

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  1. American Lighting Association Says:

    Cleaning the solar panels is essential for optimal function. Whether soiled by dust, pollen, or birds, a filmy residue can prohibit the solar lights from charging fully.

    Excellent recommendation for outdoor lighting given the right circumstances.

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