Solar panel backpack

People who love to go hiking in the woods or mountains typically like to take their cell phone, a GPS and a digital camera with them. To solve the problem of having the battery go dead on these hand held devices, technology has made it possible for their backpack to have solar panels on it. The solar power backpack solves the problem of the dead battery on hand held devices because you can use the energy stored in the panels to charge up it up even when away from the electrical grid.

For those who do not want to be out of touch with others, this is a great backpack to have. The solar panels on a solar backpack use thin film solar technology to generate power from the sun. These panels are light weight. A solar panel backpack can weigh as little as 3.5 pounds empty. Two of the prominent manufactures of these backpacks are Voltaic Systems and Eclipse Solar Gear.

Taking along a solar panel backpack is very useful for hunters, campers and hikers who will be out for a few days or more. GPS devices are fantastic to use to keep from getting lost out in the woods and skiers are using them more now. The solar backpack is not hard to carrying while hiking, skiing or hunting, so the individual who has one will find it really convenient to take along and never have to worry about the battery on their GPS going down. Other types of people who are buying and using a solar power backpack include, photographers, bikers and people going cross country snowmobiling. Actually, anyone going out away from electrical power sources find that a solar panel backpack can be invaluable to take along to charge up their small handheld electrical devices.

Solar panel backpacks are not strong enough to charge laptops. Voltaic makes Generator solar bags that are available for that. The solar panel backpack will charge small handheld devices. This is because portable handheld devices don’t use up as much power as a laptop would.

Adapters are included with solar panel backpacks so that almost any handheld device you have can be charged. These adapters usually included an AC adapter or a DC cigarette lighter adapter that can be used to charge the batteries as well as the thin solar panels. The solar panels are placed on the outside of the backpack that faces outwards from the person wearing it. The panels are embedded with tough, waterproof thin film solar technology.

The Voltaic solar panel backpack is designed to include a custom battery pack. The battery can store any surplus power that is generated by the solar panels so that it can be used when the sun is down also. The battery pack is also able to be charged by using the AC travel charger or the car cigarette adapter. The Voltaic solar backpack is perfect for weekend hiking. It can generate up to 4 watts of solar power and actually comes with 11 adaptors so virtually every handheld device you have can be charged up when you need it to be. It has a place for headphones and a pouch on the shoulder for your cell phone or mp3 player. It is made out of 600D fabric made from recycled PET (soda bottles), so it is really durable. The price for a Voltaic solar panel backpack can be around $250.

The Solar Eclipse backpack is a little less pricy at around $130. However, this solar power backpack will only provide up to 2.5 watts of charging power. It also comes with a single 12V charging outlet to be used on automobiles. The Solar Eclipse also has a portal for a headphone set and pouch for your cell phone or mp3 player.

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