Solar pool blankets

Solar blankets were a hit the moment they were introduced on the market. Solar blankets can warm pool water at no cost to the swimming pool owner other than the initial cost of the blanket. You find solar blankets in your pool cover supply store or online at various pool supply sites.

Any home owner who has had a swimming pool installed in their back yard will tell you what a wonderful luxury they are as well as that they are a lot of work and expense. The pool must be continually kept clean and have the right chemicals added weekly to keep the proper ph balance. Heating a swimming pool costs a lot of money but many people love to swim so much they are willing to spend the extra money they need to keep the pool water warm for an extending swimming season. If you are a pool owner, you may be considering the solar blankets that are out on the market to keep the water warm for your enjoyment.

Solar blankets used to be a lot thicker than they are now. They were between 25-30 millimeters thick, whereas today’s solar blankets are only about 4-9 millimeters thick. The older solar pool heating blankets used to last the pool owner up to 4 years or more. The new ones will loose their usefulness in only 1 or 2 seasons and then are typically tossed out and replaced with a new solar blanket. However, you can still find some solar blankets that are up to 14 millimeters thick. These are much more expensive than the thinner blankets but may be worth the price since you will not have to replace it as often.

The way solar blankets work is by allowing the suns radiation to pass through the transparent bubble wrap type of material that the solar blanket is made out of. The solar blanket acts as an insulator and keeps the warmth that the radiation generates in the pool water. The pool water is typically warmed at a depth that is about 1 foot under the surface of the water.

If you have ever used an electrical or gas pool heater you already know how much energy they consume and how much your power bill is every month just because you are trying to keep your pool water warm. It is much more economical and practical to use a solar blanket instead. The plus side is that these pool blankets will not harm the environment or pollute the air like a gas pool heater does.

Solar blankets look very much like bubble wrap. The plastic bubble wrap type blanket keeps the radiated warmth in the water as well as reflects the sunlight into the water. They are usually made out of UV resistant plastics and are able to withstand harsh chemicals used in the pool.

Solar blankets can be bought on a reel that will unroll and allow the blanket to be unfolded easily. You can buy them for either above ground or below ground pools. The home owner can have the blanket cut to the size and shape of their pool. The best quality solar pool covers are made out of a good UV resistant plastic which is also resistant to the harsh chemicals used in the pool. They are available for both above ground and below ground pools. At the end of the swimming season the blanket can be rolled back up on the reel or folded for storage until the next swimming season.

If you are looking for ways to cut your pool expenses, solar blankets are one way to do it. You will save a lot of energy costs by using one because they provide free hot water for your pool.

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