Solar pool covers

Anyone that owns an outdoor swimming pool will definitely want to keep care of it. The best way to prevent anything from getting into the water would be to use a pool cover. Solar pool covers are definitely a great option as well as they not only help keep your swimming pool clean but they heat the water as well.

Benefits of Using Solar Pool Covers
If the conditions are right then solar pool covers will be very beneficial. Solar pool covers absorb solar energy which converts to heat and will increase the pool water by up to 1° a day. Solar pool covers are designed to absorb the most sunlight possible and can be very effective with even just five hours of sunlight every day.

Not only is the pool water being heated but it maintains the increased temperature over time as well. This is because solar pool covers help to trap the heat inside the swimming pool so it does not cool down over night. At the same time it will be helping maintain your swimming pool chemicals as well as they will not be able to evaporate from the swimming pool as easily.

Save Money from Using Solar Pool Covers

Besides all the benefits solar pool covers offer for your outdoor swimming pool, there are many other benefits as well. For instance, you can save money from using solar pool covers if you are using them as a replacement for a pool heater. Ignoring the initial cost when buying a solar pool cover, you will decrease your bill size as well.

Is It Really Worth It?
In order to determine if solar pool covers are really worth investing in you will have to take the original costs out of the equation and look at how beneficial they really are. While there are many reasons why solar pool covers are very beneficial to use, there are still some reasons why you may not want to use them.

For example, it would be rather hectic to have to take the solar cover off and put it back on every day. However, you can opt to an automatic reel for solar pool covers which can make the job almost effortless. If you choose to use an automatic reel then you will also have to factor in the cost of the reel as well. It is also important to remember that solar pool covers and the reels will probably take up a bit of space in your yard as well.

Ultimately it is very important to have a pool cover so upgrading to solar pool covers is definitely worth the additional cost. If you do not have a pool cover then you are allowing water to evaporate out of the pool. This will lead to an improper chlorine balance and it will make the water temperature a lot lower than it should be. A normal pool cover can help keep the pool water cool but it will not keep it heated. With solar pool covers you will be able to eliminate the possibility of water evaporating out of the pool and you can keep the water heated at all times.

Alternatively, there is a different type of solar pool cover available as well. These covers are designed with bubbles and look similar to sheets of bubble wrap. The bubbles will absorb sun light and send it into the pool to heat up the water. By using these solar pool covers you can easily increase the pool water temperature by up to fifteen degrees.

Overall, solar pool covers are a great investment. You will be saving on costs for heating the pool water and it is also working as a cover to keep the pool clean as well. If you do not already own a pool cover or you are considering upgrading to a solar pool cover then now is the time to make the change as the benefits make it worth the effort.

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