Solar power for homes

Environmentalists have been telling us for years that we should be using the power of the sun and quit relying on traditional public utilities. Mostly, these messages have fallen on deaf ears-until recently. Today, thanks to many public service announcements and to environmental activists such as Al Gore, people are very much aware of the benefits of solar power and are beginning to heat their homes using the natural energy provided by the sun.

In addition to receiving free energy from the sun, many states across America offer rebates and tax incentives that can take the sting out of the cost of home solar equipment. Further, a ‘green’ house is much more attractive to prospective home owners and by converting to solar power, you can expect your home’s value to increase significantly.

Besides just saving money and the earth’s natural resources, solar-powered products are convenient and simple. Simple-to-use gadgets like solar powered yard lights are products that you simply stick into the ground and let the sun go to work to light up your yard at night. There are no power cords or cables involved and no additional electricity bills to pay. Solar power is renewable, unlike fossil fuels which according to recent studies, will be non-existent in as little as fifty years. By powering our homes and businesses with the power of the sun, we are helping to drastically reduce global warming.

Solar power improves the health of people since it does not produce any carbon dioxide emissions. Solar polar also reduces the incidents of fire that are often the result of diesel fuel and gasoline being used for generators. Solar power is also nearly maintenance-free because most solar cells last for over twenty years before needing to be replaced. You do have to keep the panels clean so that the sunlight can be absorbed, but this does not involve much work at all. There are no moving mechanical parts that need to be oiled or replaced. You simply install the solar power system and reap the many benefits without having to lift a finger.

If you decide to install a solar heating or cooling system into your home, you can expect to spend several thousand dollars. This money spent will quickly pay for itself completely in the first few years. Homeowners in the United States who install solar energy heating or cooling systems may claim up to $2,000 in federal investment tax credit for the first year thanks to a bill that was signed into effect in the mid 2000s by then-president Bush.

By investing in solar power for the home you will be given thirty years of clean energy for just about the same cost that you pay for four to seven years of utility energy. Electricity rates in the United States have risen 5.5% annually over the past twenty years and are continue to do so. When your home is solar powered you can dramatically cut and sometimes even eliminate your electric bill all together.

Solar power is not only 100% clean, but it is completely silent and is a non-moving type of energy generation. Solar energy is a very reliable technology that frees you from those annoying interrupted utility services. If you have been considering building a home that is solar powered or wish to install solar power on your existing home, there really are very few reasons not to do so. You can find companies throughout the United States who specialize in installing solar power systems in homes and businesses. These companies normally offer free home consultations so that you will be able to sit down and discuss your family’s energy needs before deciding on which type of solar power system you need.

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  1. Paul Low Says:

    I fully agree with you on the benefit of solar power. Since solar power is clean, renewable and free to use, I don’t understand why many still choose not to switch over to it. Overall this is a well written article! You are most welcome to leave some comments at my recent blogs at

  2. Rob.b Says:

    I totally agree with you. Instead of consuming the natural non-recyclable energies so reluctantly, we must try and implement solar energy. We need to understand the usage and facilities we can get from solar panels.

  3. Steve Theo Says:

    As the costs of electricity continues to rise, we should be thinking in terms of tapping alternative sources of energy. This is a major reason why many people around the world are turning to solar power to power up their homes. This is a good article. Keep up the good work.

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