Solar power vs. Conventional electricity generation

Recently there have been a number of controversies around the world regarding the condition of the Earth. The issue of global warming has led to debates regarding two alternate sources of energy — solar power and conventional electricity generation. There is definitely good reason to rethink our lifestyles and be concerned with the global effects of our actions.

People who have chosen to settle in rural areas where utilities sometimes cannot reach often make use of generators. This device is used as a source of electricity to power appliances. Some households install generators for the purposes of having an emergency source of electrical power in case of black outs. These people may not be aware of some other available options, such as solar power.

There are a number of factors to consider before making a decision on which energy source to use. Will your choice be economical? Will it be safe for the environment? Will it be easy and convenient for you to use?

Over the long term, solar power is more economical than traditional power sources. The initial cost of a solar power generator is definitely higher compared to a traditional generator system. This is probably why generators are more popular. However, to evaluate which choice would save you more money, you must assess the total cost created over years of use.

Using solar power once the apparatus has been installed in your home will cost you nothing. It will run without the need for fuel since its source is the sun.

Conventional electricity generators, on the other hand, will definitely need maintenance and regular servicing. In addition, a professional is needed to fix the machine if it problems arise. There are moving parts in this type of system, which will eventually wear out and need to be replaced. An important factor for consumers to also consider is the service or product that they will receive. Between solar power and the traditional generator, solar power is more convenient.

There may be some inconvenience with the purchase and installation of solar power. In spite of its popularity, there is still little availability in the general market compared to generators. When the market for these devices increases, however, increased availability will follow. This type of system does not have parts that function like gears, which can wear out. After its installation, there is no need for any difficult maintenance or servicing.

There is a wide array of generator types on the market today. This makes them attractive to a great number of people as they are convenient to buy and easy to install. Once installed, however, the convenience is no longer evident. Generators need to be monitored often to check that there is sufficient fuel to keep the machine functioning. There is also a need for constant maintenance check-ups; this is needed at least twice every year for most generators. Machines need to have their filters and oil changed. Parts that have worn out must be replaced with new ones. Tune-ups and inspections of your entire generator are constantly required.

It is important to take note of the issue on efficiency of these devices. Practically, we must always question whether our chosen energy source is cost effective. After summing up all the facts, once again the solar power is more efficient.

Panels harness solar power; a power that is free of charge, and can then be stored in batteries. This stored power can be used anytime it is needed. At times when usage is minimal, the collected power will not dissipate. Generators need to consume fuel constantly; a function that makes them more expensive to run. This consumption must be kept constant even if there is little use for its power.

On the issue of dependability, the conventional electricity generator would likely win out over solar power. The reliability of solar power is dependent on the characteristics of the location where it is placed and used. This should be where sunlight shines for 300 or more days in a year. For regions that experience less sun or many cloudy and stormy periods, such a system would be less dependable. Solar power can still be harnessed but not as much as that available in sunnier regions. One must take note that solar power is used in Germany even though the region has fewer sunny days than in North America. Generators on the other hand, do not need sunlight or special weather conditions to function. However, they are entirely dependent on fuel.

It has come to our attention that the problems in our environment have now reached dangerous levels. Whatever we do affects the environment, which is why we should be smart with our energy choices. When making a comparison between solar power and generators, solar power would certainly be the more eco-friendly choice.

No bad gases are emitted by solar power when it is in use. Therefore, it causes no pollution in the environment that could contribute to global warming. It is clean and comes from a renewable source.

A major problem with the use of conventional generators is the amount of gas emissions created. It is not only the amount, but also the toxicity of these gases that must be taken into consideration. Generators emit gas that is health hazardous and increases the sulfur levels in the atmosphere. Most run on diesel fuel that is gathered from fossil fuel – a non-renewable energy source.

For many who debate between solar power and conventional electricity generators, a more appealing solution is to use a hybrid system. The use of solar power requires no fuel, which can saves thousands of dollars, as well as being healthy for the environment. The only glitch is that dependability is lacking. As a solution, a household may have a traditional generator as a back-up for days when sunlight is not enough.

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