Solar space heater

There are various ways to heat your home by harnessing the power of the sun. During the winter, you may want to keep the room you spend the most time in warmer than the rest of the house. A solar space heater can help you do just that. It will allow the air in just that room to be heated to a comfortable level, while the rest of the house is cooler, thereby saving the homeowner a lot of money on his or her monthly power bill. A solar space heater is a simple solar device that you can place in a sunny window to heat up a room via the power of sunlight.

You can place a solar space heater in any window that receives direct sunlight. Typically a solar space heater is shaped like a box. It will use convection as a way of passive operation. A solar space heater uses free energy and no electricity is required at all. In fact, you can save a lot of energy from your furnace by using a solar space heater to keep the room you are in at a comfortable heat instead of trying to keep the whole house warmer than you need it in other rooms.

Many people are now purchasing these solar space heaters to take up to a cabin or in their motor homes or travel trailers as a way to heat up the living area when they are traveling, camping or vacationing. These space heaters do not need an electrical outlet to work so they are really useful off the grid. They are also environmentally friendly and use the renewable source of energy from the sun. As such, these solar space heaters are considered green energy savers. They do not put off any type of pollution at all.

A solar space heater can not heat up a whole entire house, but they can make the room you are in quite comfortable. You can usually turn a solar space heater on and off at will as you enter a room or when you leave it. A window type solar space heater is very easy to install and you do not have to cut a hole in the wall or roof to install it. You just place it on a window.

You can purchase a solar space heater or learn to build your own unit. They come in various sizes and designs. Usually a solar space heater will have a solar panel to collect solar energy to power the heater, but there are others that do not. Depending on whether the heater has an energy storage area or not, energy will sent to the storage battery or to the heater as an immediate supply of heat. Since there are days where there could blocks the sunlight, a storage battery is preferable or else you should have another source of energy available. The reserve energy is usually stored in a deep cycle battery.

There are various sites online that give directions on how to build your own solar space heater. You just need some plywood to make a box the size of the window you want to put your solar space heater in. You also need simple aluminum cans and a few other simple supplies that the instructions will tell you about. There are also kits for do-it-yourself solar space heaters available on the internet.

DIY kits are really a great way to get heat to your garage or shop without going to a large expense to put in an electric or gas heater. The energy you use from the sun is always free so you can’t go wrong if you buy a solar space heater either.

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  1. solar panels for sale Says:

    Recently I have been planning to build one of these and it looks like a really great idea. I am thinking to use recycled soda cans and have priced the entire project at about $15 for all the materials. I will be thrilled if it puts off a bit of heat.