Solar water distillers

Spending a fortune on bottled drinking water can get frustrating and it is a burden carting all those bottles home from the store every week. There is a way that you can distill and purify your own drinking water and do away with buying bottles of water forever. A solar water distiller can produce all the pure drinking water you need for you and your family by a process known as passive-solar-water distillation. A solar water distiller is an inexpensive, low-tech device that can be easily built or purchased commercially.

Solar water distillation is accomplished by the heat from the sun’s rays. Because chemicals vaporize at a higher temperature than water, pure water will vaporize first and leave all the contaminants behind such as salts, bacteria and heavy metal as well as arsenic. The result you get with a solar water distiller is pure drinking water. If you pair up your solar water distiller with a carbon finish filter, you can remove chlorine by-products too. This is a big benefit for those who live in cities who use chlorine to purify drinking water. Chlorine leaves a nasty taste to city tap water that many people find intolerable, so they buy bottled drinking water for their needs and spend needless amounts of money just to get drinking water they can tolerate. A solar water distiller can save the consumer a lot of hard earned cash.

As the energy from the sun heats the water, the purified water evaporates and then condenses as it meets a cool surface. No boiling of the water is needed for the solar water distiller to accomplish the task of evaporation, condensation and distillation. The whole process works solely on the free power from sunlight. The lifespan of a solar water distiller is typically 10 years and it is estimated that water produced by the solar distillation process costs around 7 cents per gallon. As you can see, it is very cost effective when compared to the costs of bottled water. Just 24 16 oz bottles of water cost an average of 5 dollars. An electric distiller costs about 30 cents per gallon to produce clean drinking water. The solar water distiller is more efficient and cost effective.

As far as the cost of a solar water distiller goes, a small one will cost about $400. A small solar water distiller can produce enough pure and clean drinking water to fill 2-6 quarts per day. You can also buy a larger distiller for about $800. A larger solar water distiller will produce up to 2 gallons of water a day. The distiller will typically pay for itself after about 1 year. Solar water distillers do not have any mechanical parts to break down, but they do require regular cleaning maintenance.

There are several types of solar water distillers. A single basin distiller is the most basic and it has a glass basin that you fill with untreated water. When the sunlight shines through the glass basin it will heat the water which will begin to evaporate and leave most of the bad contaminates in the basin. There is a cover over the basin that is cooler than the heated water in the basin. As the evaporated water condenses on the cooler cover it collects in the form of a thin film of condensation. This condensation will run down the cover into a collection trough. A single basin solar water distiller is simple and very easy to build. The next common type of solar water distiller is that of a multi-basin or inclined solar water distiller. This type of distiller uses several small basins so that it can distill more pure drinking water in a single day than the single basin distiller can. The glass basin distillers are simply made of 4 basic components which include the basin(s), a clear cover, a distiller trough and a support structure.

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