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How to make a solar oven

A solar oven uses a reflector to focus sunlight onto a cooking container enclosed in an insulated box. It is also called a box cooker, and is one of the three main types of solar cooker, the others being the panel and parabolic. The process of making a solar oven is simple enough that most […]

How to install solar panels

Trying to figure out how to install solar panels that will work for your needs is a question that involves several considerations. Installation needs vary from adding on to an existing building or if you’re starting with new construction. Where and how to install solar panels also depends on weather, climate, site geography and type […]

DIY home solar power

Many people who are in need of getting home solar panels as an extra or alternative power source have second thoughts with this system. For a household with many appliances, more solar panels are needed. Certainly solar energy promises to save you money once it is being used, but the cost of buying and installing […]

How to build a solar pool heater

Building a solar pool heater will allow you to capture the benefits of the sun to enjoy a warm dip with your family and friends. Swimming or experiencing an outdoor spa is ten times better when you have warm water to enjoy. A heated pool can be enjoyed anytime, spring or autumn, even on cold […]

Make your own solar panel

Solar energy is often associated with high technology, so it’s surprising how easy it is to build your own solar panel. The solar cells used in commercial panels can be bought separately, and the frame can be made from common building materials. Solar panels are still expensive enough to make building one worthwhile, and it […]

How to make solar cells

There are many different types of solar cell used today, each made using a different process. The most common type is the silicon solar cell which has been used for several decades. Silicon is first extracted from silica and formed into thin wafers, which are then converted into semiconductors by doping them with other elements, […]

Build your own solar panel

It is interesting to note that Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize for Physics was due in part for his famous explanation of the photoelectric effect. This effect is the result of natural elements such as silicon experiencing a charge when exposed to direct sunlight. As such, photovoltaic (PV) principles are used in the construction of solar […]