solar battery

Solar car battery charger

Pretty much every driver knows that a dead battery can be a huge hassle. In the best case scenario, the car doesn’t start, but there’s somebody helpful and friendly enough to help jump start it. In the worst case scenario, there is nobody around, and you’re on a timeline that the dead battery has completely […]

Automotive solar battery charger

An automotive solar battery charger can recharge your car battery by using the power of the sun. These batteries are becoming very popular since everyone has become concerned about the high cost of energy and finding ways to save the environment. Interest in solar energy power continues to grow because it is a renewable and […]

Solar panel backpack

People who love to go hiking in the woods or mountains typically like to take their cell phone, a GPS and a digital camera with them. To solve the problem of having the battery go dead on these hand held devices, technology has made it possible for their backpack to have solar panels on it. […]

Solar fence charger

While the benefits of an electric fence are well-known, solar powered electric fences aren’t seen very often. However, the solar-powered electric fence is a great alternative to the generic electric fence. Usually, solar energy comes with a list of negatives, and isn’t worth it for most people, but solar electric fence chargers nullify almost all […]

Solar battery maintainer

Every battery in the world loses at least some of its charge over time, and eventually, a battery will lose all of it. This is doubly true for rechargeable batteries, which are designed for their power to be expended multiple times. Whether it’s the battery for your car or the one for your lawn mower, […]

Travel solar battery charger

For those who travel a lot, go camping or take a lot of business trips, purchasing a travel solar battery charger is a good investment. Most people find that they need to have a reliable source of energy to charge up their electrical devices when they travel. They may need them as well for their […]

Universal solar charger

What’s better than a charger that can give you the power boost of any of your handheld devices? How about one that is powered by the sun, removing your dependence and expense of electrical power? Universal solar chargers are but one way that you can change your habits and free your dependence on utility companies. […]

Solar GPS charger

If you love technology and you are always on the go, you may want to consider a solar GPS charger. These little devices are especially great for the camper, the traveler, hikers, outdoorsy and wilderness types, road warriors and frequent flyers, and international and business travelers. Using the power of the sun, solar power chargers […]

Universal hybrid solar charger

Have you ever been on the go at a hectic pace, only to find halfway through the day that your cell phone is going dead and you are nowhere near a charger, or even maybe an electrical outlet? If so, then you should look into the possibility of getting yourself a universal hybrid solar charger. […]

Solar powered watch

If you do not stop to consider all of the everyday items that can be powered by solar power, then you probably never realize that there are many, many things you use on a daily basis that run on batteries which could be supplemented with solar energy. One item that a lot of people can […]

Portable solar power charger

If you are among those who are trying to go environmentally “green” through your energy consumption and electronics usage, then you might be interested in using a portable solar power charger in order to take the full advantage of the best renewable energy source today, the sun. The problem has always been that it is […]

Solar panel charge controller

If you are using solar powered energy to charge batteries and appliances, then chances are you need a solar panel charge controller. Anytime that you hook up an item to a solar charger then you run the risk of inputting too many volts and therefore causing damage to the system or the batteries. This is […]

Solar charger

Battery-operated devices have made life much easier for millions of people. Instead of carrying around devices with dangling cords, and worrying about having access to electrical outlets, many people now use battery-operated devices for entertainment and productivity purposes. The problem with using devices that require batteries is that the batteries eventually need to be charged. […]

Solar energy storage

Solar energy is the best alternative in lieu of the existing system of electricity discharge. Solar panels made with materials for absorbing the energy of the sun are used to help convert the light into electricity. Along with the generation of solar energy the storage is equally necessary for later use. For the solar power […]