solar collector

Evacuated tube solar collectors

Solar water heating is an underrated way of saving money. It’s not the easiest way to save, and it can take a while, but over a number of years, solar water heating can literally save thousands of dollars. One of the problems that prevent people from accessing more solar energy is that it is and […]

Concentrator PV systems

You can benefit greatly from using concentrator PV systems. The main reason why these are so beneficial is that the concentrators will allow for you to have a decrease of solar cell materials in the PV system. When setting up a PV system the most expensive part will be the PV cells so minimizing on […]

Flat plate solar collector

When most people think about collecting solar energy, they think about the traditional solar panel. This is one way to collect solar power, and certainly has become the most popular. The function of a solar panel is to turn sunlight into electricity we can use. We have known for thousands of years that sunlight can […]

Solar vacuum tubes

One of the large concerns of several different home owners is the fact that they are unable to get adequate water heating at an affordable and resource conserving source. There is one way to heat up large amounts of water by using solar energy to do the work for you. This helps to conserve fuels […]

Solar energy collector

Solar Energy is a renewable clean energy. All you need to produce electricity or heat is the inexhaustible supply of sunlight. A solar energy collector, also known as a solar panel, collects the solar energy from the sun and heat. A single solar energy collector can extract energy from the sun into a usable and […]

Flat-plate solar collector

A common solar hot water panel that is used to generate hot water heated by the sun is the flat-plate solar collector. This type of technology is mainly used for residential homes to supply hot water at an affordable price to the homeowner. Anywhere there is a high demand for hot water, such as a […]

Evacuated tube solar thermal collectors

Solar power has become increasingly popular with the growing change in climate and rising fuel costs. As a result, demand for electricity is in growing demand. What better way to improve your situation than harness something that Mother Nature provides for free? All around the world, businesses, homes, governments and organizations are embracing the solar […]

Solar thermal collector

The environment is a top priority on many people’s list. This is because of the increase in concern over the world climate and global warming, and how it is impacting the planet. This has caused many to look for ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint so that they have as small of […]

Concentrating solar power (CSP) systems

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the need for people to try and convert over to renewable energy sources so that the environment can work to heal itself from all of the carbon dioxide and other pollutants that have been put into the atmosphere. One of the easiest and most […]

Evacuated tube

An evacuated tube collection system is one that relies on a series of vacuum sealed glass tubes that are lined up and kept inside a special panel box. The evacuated tubes are lined up next to each other in a parallel manner. There are generally four of the tubes in a single system, but this […]

Solar collector tube

Many people are trying to become environmentally friendly with their energy usage so that they can do their part to help out with the effects of greenhouse gasses and global warming. When someone decides to do this, there is also the added bonus of having reduced payments sent in to the large energy corporations. However, […]

Solar shingles

Using solar energy is an ideal way to produce cleaner energy and reduce reliance on more traditional forms of energy production. However, some homeowners hesitate to use solar energy in their homes because of the way the solar panels used to produce this energy change the appearance of their roofs. Solar panels are very noticeable […]

Solar collectors

Solar heating systems can help home owners cut costs and help to reduce the pollution and environmental impact that more traditional forms of energy production cause. In order to do this, certain pieces of equipment are required so that energy from the sun can be collected, stored, and used. One of the types of equipment […]