solar cooker

Parabolic solar cooker

Parabolic solar cookers are a very simple to use concept which involves the use of sunlight as a heating source to cook various different types of food. The main design uses a concave mirror which focuses caught sunlight to a specific point to raise the energy of the beam to produce more heat. With different […]

Solar box cooker

You may not have heard about a solar box cooker before, but they are an efficient and interesting way to cook by harnessing the power of the sun. In addition, these small little machines can be assembled fairly easily and hassle free. The good news is that they can be put together by anyone who […]

How to make a solar oven

A solar oven uses a reflector to focus sunlight onto a cooking container enclosed in an insulated box. It is also called a box cooker, and is one of the three main types of solar cooker, the others being the panel and parabolic. The process of making a solar oven is simple enough that most […]

Solar cooker

When thinking about the applications of solar energy, most people think about heating water or powering solar lights. However, solar energy can also be used for other purposes. One of the applications of solar energy that is having a great positive impact on the environment is the use of the solar cooker to cook food, […]