solar heating system

Solar thermal systems

When most of us think of solar power, we think about sunlight being converted to electricity, which is then used to power various applications. However, for thousands of years, the power of the sun was understood quite differently. Everybody knows from the example of the sun and magnifying glass that the oldest way the sun […]

Solar powered air conditioning systems

Having the notions that air conditioning systems are difficult to work with and cost too much to have running are not entirely true. With newer efficient systems for homes and businesses, you can get a large amount of cooling power for a small amount of energy. Most of these systems use the evaporative cooling method […]

Solar space heating

When heating a home, it can be difficult to choose options which will not consume your paycheck during the winter months. Fortunately enough, there are now solar powered options which use energy captured by the sun to help create the appropriate temperatures you need for your home while providing you with a low cost and […]

Solar pool covers

Anyone that owns an outdoor swimming pool will definitely want to keep care of it. The best way to prevent anything from getting into the water would be to use a pool cover. Solar pool covers are definitely a great option as well as they not only help keep your swimming pool clean but they […]

Solar thermal systems

Solar thermal systems are useful in many homes for several different options. There are many ways to get solar thermal systems to work in your home and it is important to look into available options that will help to lower the costs of energy consumption needed to heat water or a space. There are two […]

Solar heat exchanger

Solar water heating is a pretty old concept that people have been using for more than 80 years. However, with new technology we are able to accomplish this task much more efficiently. We use a solar thermal system to generate heat, and this is usually attached to some sort of fluid delivery system that in […]

Solar hot water tank

Solar hot water tanks are used by consumers to save money on the cost of heating water in the home. Some have pumps while others don’t, but most require a storage tank with good insulation. Either through the use of solar plates or tubes or via circulation-focused systems, there are a variety of choices when […]

Solar water heating systems

Did you know that simply heating your water can account for 14% of your annual home energy costs? That’s one of the major reasons so many people are now turning to solar water heating for their hot water needs. The other reason that solar water heating is becoming more popular is that it helps reduce […]

Solar air heater

Just as is the case in solar water heating systems, solar air heating systems can be passive, active, or a combination of these two methods. The simpler the system, the easier and cheaper the system will be. However, in colder temperatures or when retrofitting a building, you may be forced into using more active systems. […]

Solar hot water systems

Solar hot water systems are very beneficial to the environment and they are durable, simple and cost effective. Solar hot water systems collect the energy from the sun and transfers it into your hot water tank to supply most of your needs, even in the winter months. The solar hot water systems that are available […]

Solar heating controller

Solar water heating systems are fast becoming a much appreciated hot water solution for homeowners, developers and businesses. Typically, most solar water heating systems are designed and used to preheat the water to help cut down the cost for regular fossil fuel hot water system. These systems all need an electrical solar water heating controller […]

Solar space heater

There are various ways to heat your home by harnessing the power of the sun. During the winter, you may want to keep the room you spend the most time in warmer than the rest of the house. A solar space heater can help you do just that. It will allow the air in just […]

Solar forced air heater

These days, deciding between the expense of warming a home and the comfort of not freezing is a realistic decision many households have to make. This can become even more dire in climates where it is extremely cold. Add to economic difficulties nationwide and globally the shortage of energy, the skyrocketing of cost and traditional […]

Solar thermal collector

The environment is a top priority on many people’s list. This is because of the increase in concern over the world climate and global warming, and how it is impacting the planet. This has caused many to look for ways in which they can reduce their carbon footprint so that they have as small of […]

Solar pool blankets

Solar blankets were a hit the moment they were introduced on the market. Solar blankets can warm pool water at no cost to the swimming pool owner other than the initial cost of the blanket. You find solar blankets in your pool cover supply store or online at various pool supply sites. Any home owner […]