solar heating system

Solar heater for swimming pools

Swimming pool heaters used to be a luxury, while the majority of pool owners drained the pool and threw on the tarp as is became too cool to go swimming anymore. Now, thanks to solar power technology, families can have heated pools year-round without the extraneous electricity bills … and they’re helping the environment, too. […]

Active solar energy for space & water heating

Solar heating is one of the oldest uses of the sun’s energy, and with energy costs rising again its benefits are attracting renewed interest. The two types of solar heating are passive and active, both similar but different in one important way. Passive solar heaters rely on the thermosyphon effect to move fluid around their […]

Tankless solar water heater

If you have ever messed around with installing and fixing a traditional water heater, then you know the difficulty that you can have with the tank. One of the largest complaints that people receive is the problems with tanks rupturing or leaking onto their floors. One way to fix this problem and to save a […]

Solar heat pump

If you are one of the many households that are looking to find a way to use more of the renewable natural energy sources, while at the same time cutting back on your dependence of the big energy companies, then a solar heat pump could be just the thing you are looking for. This is […]

Passive solar energy for home heating

The use of passive solar has gained enormous fame as a result of its practicality. This inexpensive method of heating homes is free forever once the initial investment is made into producing the system. It is no wonder this method is so popular. The use of passive solar in homes within cold regions is effective […]

How to build a solar pool heater

Building a solar pool heater will allow you to capture the benefits of the sun to enjoy a warm dip with your family and friends. Swimming or experiencing an outdoor spa is ten times better when you have warm water to enjoy. A heated pool can be enjoyed anytime, spring or autumn, even on cold […]

Solar cooker

When thinking about the applications of solar energy, most people think about heating water or powering solar lights. However, solar energy can also be used for other purposes. One of the applications of solar energy that is having a great positive impact on the environment is the use of the solar cooker to cook food, […]

Solar heater

Because solar energy can be used for a variety of purposes, a large number of solar energy products exist in the marketplace. Solar cells, solar panels, and solar home plans are all popular with homeowners and business owners alike. One of the best ways to use solar energy is to heat the air and water […]

Active solar heating

Active solar heating systems come in two types – liquid or air systems. Liquid solar heating systems utilize water or an antifreeze fluid mix to capture and transfer the heat gathered by solar collectors. Air solar heating systems utilize air to capture and transfer the heat instead of a fluid. Either type of active solar […]

Residential solar heating

When it comes to residential solar heating, there are two broad types of solar heating available – passive and active solar heating. Both types of systems take advantage of the sun’s power by harnessing the solar energy in sunlight and then using it to heat a home. Residential solar heating is less expensive to install […]

Solar water heaters

Using solar energy is a great way to reduce the environmental impact of energy production and create cleaner energy. Solar energy is produced by capturing energy from the sun and using it to heat air or water. This is accomplished through the use of different components such as solar panels, solar cells, solar thermal collectors, […]

Solar radiant heating system

There are various heating systems used primarily for the purpose of heating homes. Places with freezing temperatures and cold climates require an efficient heating system to keep the homes warm and conducive for living. Among the various options available the first one is the traditional gas and oil furnace where the air is heated and […]

Solar powered homes

Solar powered homes used to be thought of as part of alternative lifestyles only for hippies and hardcore environmentalists. That is no longer the case as solar power technologies have become more mainstream and affordable. With soaring energy costs and concerns over the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, solar powered homes are becoming more […]