solar light

Solar light fixtures

Solar light fixtures have been designed and manufactured for individuals who love their yards. Solar light fixtures add another dimension of beauty when it comes to relaxing outside. If you have spent a lot of money on your landscape and want to prolong your enjoyment of your time spent in your yard, add a solar […]

Indoor solar lights

If you’ve ever seen something glow in the dark, then you understand the basic concept behind indoor solar lights. You set them up in an area where they’ll receive a good amount of sunlight, and they store that power for the night time. Solar lights are extremely easy to use and efficient. If you’re looking […]

Solar powered flashlights

As our usage of solar power continues to grow, we are continuing to find new ways to apply it to our everyday lives. Solar powered flashlights are just one of ways in which we’ve learned to use solar power productively. Solar flashlights are a good alternative to a regular flashlight, especially if you use a […]

Outdoor solar lights

If you live in rural areas or in an area that the streetlights do not shine in your yard, you may be interested in outdoor lighting for you yard at night. Until recently, not everyone could afford to have outdoor lighting. However, that is all changing now. Outdoor solar lights are lighting up yards more […]

Solar billboard lights

Solar billboards are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly way to get your message on a billboard with the use of a solar-powered light that illuminates your signage. These solar light fixtures can put out as much as 400 watts a pop and can be installed right out of the box if you purchase a kit […]

Solar LED lights

Over the last few years a lot of focus has gone into the state of the environment and the evolving situation with global warming. Many people around the world are doing what they can to try and help cut back on the amount of carbon dioxide that is being released into the air. Another thing […]

Solar landscape lighting

Solar landscape lighting is an option that is appealing to more homeowners every day. You need to have some sort of lighting for safety and security reasons at least in walkways and ares where you may entertain. Many also like the decorative effect that lighting can give to their homes exterior, greatly improving nighttime curb […]

Solar security light

Everyone has those areas of their home that just do not feel safely illuminated at night. One of the reasons that these areas exist is because there is no appropriate power source in the area for them to set up a good security lighting system. If this is the case with your home, then you […]

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights are the perfect solution to your outdoor lighting needs. There are two main considerations when choosing lighting for your outdoor spaces. The first is safety – you wouldn’t want anyone tripping on the path to your house or through your garden. The second consideration would be using garden lights as decorative accents. […]

Solar lighting

Solar energy has many commercial, industrial, and residential uses. This type of energy can be used for heating, cooling, mechanical propulsion, and providing power for equipment and machines. Solar energy can also be used to provide light for home and business use. Solar lighting comes in many forms and can be an economical way to […]

Solar powered homes

Solar powered homes used to be thought of as part of alternative lifestyles only for hippies and hardcore environmentalists. That is no longer the case as solar power technologies have become more mainstream and affordable. With soaring energy costs and concerns over the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, solar powered homes are becoming more […]