solar panels

Solar power panels: photovoltaic modules at work

Many people wonder what is PV solar power? People have often heard about it, but are uncertain of the meaning. Although solar power may be familiar to them, many do not have the slightest conception of PV solar power and what makes it so different. PV solar power is the root of the sun’s power. […]

Flexible solar panel

Because environmental issues such as pollution and the cleanliness of energy are becoming more of a concern, scientists and environmentalists have made it easier to use clean energy sources in our homes and offices. One of the cleanest energy sources available is the sun, and harnessing and using solar energy has become a popular way […]

Home solar panels

If you are sick and tired of paying huge electric bills, then perhaps you should consider going solar. Even if you are not convinced that you should purchase solar panels, there are some other ways to use the energy of the sun without installing a panel system. A solar panel is designed to absorb the […]

How to install solar panels

Trying to figure out how to install solar panels that will work for your needs is a question that involves several considerations. Installation needs vary from adding on to an existing building or if you’re starting with new construction. Where and how to install solar panels also depends on weather, climate, site geography and type […]

Portable solar panels

Using solar energy to produce clean energy to power our homes and businesses requires special equipment that contains materials that make it possible to capture, store, and distribute the energy produced by the sun. One of the most common components in any type of solar energy product is the solar panel. This piece of equipment […]

Solar shingles

Using solar energy is an ideal way to produce cleaner energy and reduce reliance on more traditional forms of energy production. However, some homeowners hesitate to use solar energy in their homes because of the way the solar panels used to produce this energy change the appearance of their roofs. Solar panels are very noticeable […]

Make your own solar panel

Solar energy is often associated with high technology, so it’s surprising how easy it is to build your own solar panel. The solar cells used in commercial panels can be bought separately, and the frame can be made from common building materials. Solar panels are still expensive enough to make building one worthwhile, and it […]

Solar panel installation

Using solar energy to heat the air and water in a home requires the use of many different components. One of the most common components used to capture solar energy is the solar panel. If homeowners want to use solar energy extensively throughout their homes, many solar panels must be added to the home in […]

Thin film photovoltaics

One of the main problems that has been discovered as the use of solar cells has soared is that the basic solar cell requires a high mass of energy-producing material in order to function correctly. Because this high amount of material is needed, solar cells and photovoltaic panels can be too expensive for the average […]

Concentrator solar panels

The need for developing solar panels arose from the fact that the atmosphere is getting polluted at an alarming rate everyday which is endangering the future of this planet. Thus solar panels were designed which were humungous and cumbersome to install at exorbitant rates. Eventually with constant experimentation more affordable and manageable solar panels were […]

Set up solar panels for homes

When you set up solar panels for homes, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Set up is easier when starting from scratch as you can optimize many things that can influence the size and cost of the solar array. Since you can build in passive solar heating and daylighting techniques when […]

Solar panel efficiency

One thing that people who scoff at solar power like to point out is that solar panel efficiency averages only 20%. What that means is that most photovoltaic (PV) panels convert only about 20% of the captured solar energy to electricity. Even the most advanced designs using silicon are only able to operate at around […]

Solar powered homes

Solar powered homes used to be thought of as part of alternative lifestyles only for hippies and hardcore environmentalists. That is no longer the case as solar power technologies have become more mainstream and affordable. With soaring energy costs and concerns over the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, solar powered homes are becoming more […]

Build your own solar panel

It is interesting to note that Albert Einstein’s Nobel Prize for Physics was due in part for his famous explanation of the photoelectric effect. This effect is the result of natural elements such as silicon experiencing a charge when exposed to direct sunlight. As such, photovoltaic (PV) principles are used in the construction of solar […]

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are the devices that convert solar energy into several other forms of energy in order to generate power. This can be used perform several functions. Solar panels are broadly categorized into three major categories that include: Solar panels which are used to generate electricity Solar panels which are used to generate heat Solar […]