Solar powered products

Solar water distillers

Spending a fortune on bottled drinking water can get frustrating and it is a burden carting all those bottles home from the store every week. There is a way that you can distill and purify your own drinking water and do away with buying bottles of water forever. A solar water distiller can produce all […]

Solar food dehydrator

If you have an outdoor garden then you already know how difficult it can be to dry your fruits and vegetables. When you end up harvesting way too much when the gardening season is over you will likely find yourself having difficulties keeping up with all the food. If you want to make the drying […]

Atomic solar watch

The solar watch is something that first started to appear on a massive consumer scale in the late 1970’s. During this time the watches almost took on the life form of art deco pieces as many of them were designed around the solar panel embedded within the watch in a way that would not only […]

Solar water pump

The energy that the sun produces is one constant factor that can be relied on to return day after day; and this makes it the perfect power source for items that may otherwise have to rely on traditional energy sources or fossil fuels. This use of solar energy is one that more and more people […]

Solar powered watch

If you do not stop to consider all of the everyday items that can be powered by solar power, then you probably never realize that there are many, many things you use on a daily basis that run on batteries which could be supplemented with solar energy. One item that a lot of people can […]

Solar powered water fountains

Installing a water fountain is an easy and inexpensive way to add color and variety to a garden. Using a solar powered fountain make the task even simpler by removing the need for wiring, and it saves money by using free electricity. Solar fountains are available in a range of styles to suit any garden, […]

Solar air conditioners

If you are like many people today, you have probably heard a lot about the problems that are associated with global warming and how they are affecting us. Scientists agree that the earth cannot continue to sustain the large amounts of carbon dioxide and other dangerous pollutants that we are using at such high levels. […]

Solar attic fan

Solar energy is becoming a more viable option for a lot of people who are looking to divert rising energy costs and to help become more environmentally friendly by making all of their appliances as energy efficient as possible. One of the items that people are starting to use more and more is the solar […]

Solar fountain

One of the most beautiful ways to create a peaceful, calming environment in your home or garden is to add a fountain to your favorite space. Fountains come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and colors, from small desktop fountains to large garden fountains that have large sprays of water. The right fountain can […]

Solar electronic kits

Over the years harnessing the sun’s energy for the purpose of restoring the natural resources to maintain the ecological balance has come a long way from just heating water to many other applications. Now the use of solar energy has spread into our homes for cooking purposes and entertainment too. There is yet constant efforts […]

Solar powered homes

Solar powered homes used to be thought of as part of alternative lifestyles only for hippies and hardcore environmentalists. That is no longer the case as solar power technologies have become more mainstream and affordable. With soaring energy costs and concerns over the environmental impact of using fossil fuels, solar powered homes are becoming more […]

How do the solar powered cars work?

Majority of the people are tired of paying huge amounts for refueling their vehicles. With the usual gas rates skyrocketing as much as four dollars per gallon, individuals have started looking for various other alternatives to save money. One of the most anticipated alternatives is the solar powered car. The solar powered cars not only […]